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From RA Stehmann <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Fwd: Re: FOSDEM 2016 - Call for Participation
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2015 07:59:16 GMT
On 28.09.2015 23:08, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> On 28/09/2015 RA Stehmann wrote:
>> as promised Mechtilde and I will join the Apache booth (stand) team at
>> FOSDEM 2016.
> So you think it's better not to apply (additionally) as OpenOffice? We
> don't have any assurance that the ASF will be granted a stand, and
> OpenOffice has always been granted one for years.

Before your posting, I've no doubts, that Apache will get a booth at
FOSDEM, if they ask for it. Especially, if they say, they will come with
Apache OpenOffice.

Apache is one of the major (and greatest ;-) ) projects in the Free
Software world.

>> It's a great pleasure for us, that the greater Apache Community joins
>> FOSDEM with a booth.
> I was assuming/understanding that we would have sent both the OpenOffice
> request (highly likely to be approved; but less important) and the ASF
> request (new, so less likely; but more important). And that, if both
> were approved, we would merge the tables, or if one was approved we
> would share the table.

We might get a problem, if both booths are granted, but in different
places. It isn't a proper behavior to quit one of the booths in that case.

> So no doubt we would all be together, in any case; I thought we would
> try and maximize the chance of getting a presence.
> It appears Daniel has already sent a request on behalf on the ASF
> (deadline is in November) but I haven't seen it at
> or on the
> lists, so I have no idea about the contents. I just want to be sure that
> the ASF at large, and OpenOffice as part of it, get a presence under
> whatever name; and that we maximize our chances to be at FOSDEM.

Perhaps we should make a conditional request. But the best thing would
be, that Daniel ask the orga sufficiently early before the deadline.
They are all nice human beings.


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