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From Victor NOËL <>
Subject RE: Moving Apache Extras
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2015 15:24:06 GMT

I come in a bit late on the discussion (I hope I won't break the mail 
threading, I don't have a message to answer to…).
We were discussing the subject on camel-users and I was wondering if you 
were aware of the very problematic behaviour of SourceForge?

I am referring to the following story with the Gimp project:

Basically, they started putting adware and spyware in installers of 
opensource projects without their consent.
After Gimp removed themselves from SourceForge, they continued by 
impersonating them, see:

Do we really want apache extra to be hosted by an organisation like that?

Just my 2cents… sorry for arriving so late in the discussion.


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