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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Passion and vigilance in open source
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2015 21:52:43 GMT

> Spending a weekend with my kids, who are both introverts, helps
> remind me of the needs of those who are not 'public people'.  We
> have many successful examples, I'm thinking especially of Sam
> or even Rich who are actually much quieter and reserved and
> generally 'go off into their own space' to accomplish things, and
> thrive in the solitary spaces where they can assemble something
> they are happy with.  All of our many introverts then bring back
> Cool Things(TM) and interact with the community to get them
> accepted, but the "fun" for them is the detached-creative process,
> while the "fun" for the extroverts is the communal nature of the
> whole collaborative development effort.

These are good points. I would suggest that we are all, at times,
both intro- and extroverts, and all of us occasionally will
go off on their own and bring back goodness. But we all "bring
back", which I think is key. We all work towards a common goal
and have created a way in which intro- and extroverts can contribute
equally and equally obtain merit.

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