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From sebb <>
Subject [] Using SVN to record current deployed code
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2015 18:11:08 GMT
The code on disk has diverged from the copy in SVN.
There are several files that are not in SVN, and there a several
differences from the ones that are.

One approach to this might be to copy  the current sources into SVN
into a new folder.
Then we can look at merging the current code and redeploying.

I was thinking of using an SVN tag for the deployed source, but the
SVN directory for reporter.a.o does not use tags/trunk. I could use a
new directory name like

but this is not the normal way to use SVN, and might prove confusing later.

So I would like to start by moving the current code under
(i.e. drop it down a level)
and then use tags/disk-2015-07-06 (or whatever) to record the current setup

Note that the generated data files (*.json) don't need to be stored in SVN.


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