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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Moving Apache Extras
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2015 14:24:55 GMT

A number of apache-extras projects are "reserved names" that PMCs registered
before the service was publicly announced.

(For reference: see a mail to PMCs of 12 Nov 2010 in archives of

If one tries to access those names, they are redirected to official
pages at apache .org.

For example,

Are those names currently being migrated?

As far as I see, those projects are not listed when I click on
"Tomcat" label at front page [2], so it is hard to find them, but if I
search by name (type "Tomcat" in the search box at [2] and press
Enter), they are listed.

Technically, my Google account is the owner of projects registered by
Apache Tomcat PMC.


Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

2015-07-13 23:00 GMT+03:00 Ross Gardler <>:
> Apache-extras is a service managed by ComDev. Though we never provided any commitment
to support it.
> However, many extras (most?) are used by  ASF PMCs and they need a solution to the fact
that Google Code is closing down. We are doing this with infra resources for that reason (as
a director you've seen the repeated requests from some PMCs to find a resolution, you've also
seen the responses to those requests).
> It's easier for Infra to move all projects rather than some projects. Hence the current
approach. Though you are correct, as noted on a different thread, that the assumption all
projects on extras belong to PMCs is likely flawed. Unfortunately there is no easy way of
identifying which are PMC owned and which are not.
> So here's an alternative approach. We (ComDev) send out a mail to PMCs indicating that
they need to great a ComDev issue if they want their project moving. If they don't sign up
they don't get moved.
> We (ComDev) provide infra with a reduced list of projects to move and they run the scripts
for those projects.

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