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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject RE: Moving Apache Extras
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2015 20:00:32 GMT
Apache-extras is a service managed by ComDev. Though we never provided any commitment to support

However, many extras (most?) are used by  ASF PMCs and they need a solution to the fact that
Google Code is closing down. We are doing this with infra resources for that reason (as a
director you've seen the repeated requests from some PMCs to find a resolution, you've also
seen the responses to those requests).

It's easier for Infra to move all projects rather than some projects. Hence the current approach.
Though you are correct, as noted on a different thread, that the assumption all projects on
extras belong to PMCs is likely flawed. Unfortunately there is no easy way of identifying
which are PMC owned and which are not.

So here's an alternative approach. We (ComDev) send out a mail to PMCs indicating that they
need to great a ComDev issue if they want their project moving. If they don't sign up they
don't get moved.

We (ComDev) provide infra with a reduced list of projects to move and they run the scripts
for those projects.

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From: Rich Bowen<>
Sent: ‎7/‎13/‎2015 12:47 PM
Subject: Re: Moving Apache Extras

On 07/09/2015 02:42 PM, Daniel Gruno wrote:
> Hiya folks,
> I'm the "lucky person" in charge of moving the some 350 projects from
> Google Code to SourceForge.
> This will happen over the course of next week, save some freak accident
> occurs, however, SourceForge is not Google Code, and as such, there are
> a few things we need to consider:

Wait what?

Are you doing this because you're a nice person, or because it's an
Infra Assignment?

I ask because it seems a really iffy precedent giving paid infra support
to non-ASF projects. Tell me you're doing this for scotch rather than
for money, and I'll back off. I know you do wear many different hats.


> - I will create an admin account that will initially own all the
> imported projects. This can/will be shared with the ComDev PMC.
> - Someone (not me!!) will have to step up and help out with delegating
> read/write access to the new repos on SourceForge.
> - Preferably, someone will have to go through the giant list of
> projects, and select those we'll import. This is not strictly necessary,
> but if someone volunteers for this, that'd be super duper.
> The most important thing is that we are able to delegate write access to
> the devs (and do so!), so this does not simply become a big data dump
> that just sits there. If any of you are interested in taking on that
> task (preferably more than one person), please do speak up :)
> With regards,
> Daniel.

Rich Bowen - - @rbowen - @apachecon

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