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From Richie <>
Subject [Question] Apache KeepAlive probe time
Date Mon, 20 Jul 2015 06:29:27 GMT

     I am a junior apache user.
     I use it on CentOS 7 to run php website.
     I meet a problem when keepalive timeout.

     First step to post a php web, to do authentication,
     and post next step php web when got first step response.
     but when I got 200 OK response, also got FIN ACK to finish the tcp 
     I conjecture maybe is CPU full loaded to lead to keepalive timeout.
     may I set tcp keepalive probe regular time ?
     Thanks a lot of.

Best Regards,

Richie Li
Castles Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel: +886289131771 #361
Fax: +886289131772

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