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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: FOSDEM
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2015 21:25:05 GMT
On 15/07/2015 jan i wrote:
> On 14 July 2015 at 09:06, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> On 13/07/2015 jan i wrote:
>>> who takes lead on keeping an eye on the FOSDEM team?
>> I usually monitor that, and I can notify this list too this year (even
>> though now is way too early for me to have any ideas about my possible
>> commitment to an OpenOffice and/or and Apache presence).
> thanks a lot for volunteering to help keep a finger on the pulse.
> It might be that you do not have any idea about the AOO presence, but it
> seems I am in a more lucky position

Well, it seems I didn't write it in a clear way. My quote above should 
mean something like "I have no idea if I will be at FOSDEM", not "I have 
no idea if OpenOffice/Apache will be at FOSDEM". I doubt that could be 
misunderstood, but with a lot of mails misunderstandings just happen and 
are not a big issue.

>> For reference: last year the call was mid-September with a deadline of
>> mid-November and the conference was in late January like this year.
> The dates I have been told are saturday 30 january 2016 to sunday 31
> january 2016.

These are the official dates, sure. I wanted to say (and here I admit I 
wrote it in a confusing way!): FOSDEM 2016 will be more or less in the 
same period as FOSDEM 2015. For FOSDEM 2015 calls were sent out 
mid-September 2014 with a deadline in mid-November 2014. It is 
reasonable to expect a similar timeline this year.

> - AOO traditionally has a double table on the first floor, I would would
> like (as ASF and AOO) to get 4 tables in the ground floor.

It would be great to have both, not at the expense of visibility though. 
I would suggest to wait for the call and read it before exploring 
possibilities. I'm much in favor of an Apache presence. I don't know if 
one can ask for a specific floor... but again, reading the call can 
probably help a lot!

> - if we have enough projects, we can try and make a Apache (AOO
> might prefer to be in open editors room). Is it ok if I write to all PMCS
> asking for interest ?

I tend to think like Rich on this: a "virtual" track would be very smart 
(i.e., we --oops, I am already assuming I will be at FOSDEM!-- have a 
poster at the booth where we highlight all Apache-related talks), but 
these talks happen in different devrooms, since the devrooms are not 
arranged by Foundation but by topic.

> - Which message to do we want to bring across ? just that we exist or more ?


> - Is the booth a place for people to join Apache, or just a "we exist, go
> and look us up" ?

It is a developer conference. I would consider it a success if 
developers who visit the booth consider putting their "reasonably 
serious" projects in the Incubator and have a good understanding of the 
advantages this brings.

> Please if somebody feel I bully by taking lead, please tell me

Come on... You are welcome to do so! Simply, I can't take commitments 
since at this moment late January 2016 is off the radar for me (to be 
clear, I want to say: it's too early for me to know whether I will be in 
Brussels at FOSDEM in late January 2016).


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