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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: FOSDEM
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2015 13:54:27 GMT

On 07/14/2015 07:46 PM, jan i wrote:

> I hereby volunteer to be the pointman at FOSDEM (if somebody else wants to
> do I am pleased to hand it over). So lets start discuss what we want:
> - AOO traditionally has a double table on the first floor, I would would
> like (as ASF and AOO) to get 4 tables in the ground floor.
> - if we have enough projects, we can try and make a Apache (AOO
> might prefer to be in open editors room). Is it ok if I write to all PMCS
> asking for
>    interest ?

I suspect that projects will be better served by participating in the 
topic-relevant dev room. Cloudstack/libcloud/whatever in the cloud/virt 
dev room, Hadoop/Spark/etc in the big data dev room, and so on.

But what I'd like to see is a "virtual dev room" - that is, we actively 
track what PMCs have events, and print up a schedule list that we have 
at the table. That also eliminates the enormous logistical overhead of 
running a dev room. I mean, unless you want to. I surely don't.

> - The table need to be manned throughout both days, I can supply materials
> (I will coordinate with melissa and sally), but we need 2-3 persons extra,
> volunteers ?
> - swag will be supplied from the european logistic center (me :-) ).

I'll be there, but can't promise a lot of time on booth, as I'm already 
split between two other booths. I'm sure, however, I can fit in an hour.

> Now the more soft parts:
> - Which message to do we want to bring across ? just that we exist or more ?
> - Is the booth a place for people to join Apache, or just a "we exist, go
> and look us up" ?

We should get Sally to help us craft a message, but here's some things 
I'd like to say:

* We're not just httpd (and not just AOO), but we have 300+ thriving 
* We're every bit as relevant as the FSF over there selling their 
stickers. (Free As In Stickers!) The FSF wants to present itself as the 
source of all free software, and more power to them, but we are also the 
source of a HUGE amount of the really important free software in use 
today, and we should trumpet this.
* We are behind half (or whatever) of the projects that are presenting 
here at this event.

> - Do the projects present at FOSDEM, want to help on the booth, and maybe
> have some "why join us" folders ?

For several years we've talked about per-project brochures. It's a major 
undertaking, but it would be awesome to aim at having, say, a top 20 at 
FOSDEM. (And this has the added benefit that projects that aren't in 
that top 20 will say, why aren't we in there, and step up to correct the 

Rich Bowen - - @rbowen - @apachecon

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