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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Moving Apache Extras
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2015 18:46:11 GMT
On 7/13/15 4:23 PM, jan i wrote:
> On Monday, July 13, 2015, Rich Bowen <> wrote:
>> On 07/13/2015 04:00 PM, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> Apache-extras is a service managed by ComDev. Though we never provided
>>> any commitment to support it.
>>> However, many extras (most?) are used by  ASF PMCs and they need a
>>> solution to the fact that Google Code is closing down. We are doing this
>>> with infra resources for that reason (as a director you've seen the
>>> repeated requests from some PMCs to find a resolution, you've also seen the
>>> responses to those requests).
>>> It's easier for Infra to move all projects rather than some projects.
>>> Hence the current approach. Though you are correct, as noted on a different
>>> thread, that the assumption all projects on extras belong to PMCs is likely
>>> flawed. Unfortunately there is no easy way of identifying which are PMC
>>> owned and which are not.
>>> So here's an alternative approach. We (ComDev) send out a mail to PMCs
>>> indicating that they need to great a ComDev issue if they want their
>>> project moving. If they don't sign up they don't get moved.
>>> We (ComDev) provide infra with a reduced list of projects to move and
>>> they run the scripts for those projects.
>> I think I must have been watching all of these conversations (I know it's
>> been going for more than a year) with a certain understanding that we were
>> going to push everything onto volunteer labor rather than Infra. So, mea
>> culpa for not paying close enough attention. Yes, I know that this has been
>> discussed for *ages*.
>> I figured that what we, the ASF, were doing for these projects was
>> negotiating with SF for the service/resources/whatever, not doing the
>> actual migration. I figured either the projects themselves would do that
>> work, or Roberto and his team at SF would do it.
> that was my understanding as well. AOO moved a while ago.
> We should notify the PMCs how to move, and leave the rest to volunteer time.

Migrating a project is pretty much all automated on the SourceForge / Allura
importer side.  Individuals can even migrate Apache Extra projects on their own
if they wanted to.  It's all part of the Google Code importer at

Scripting up to do bulk migration (instead of one-by-one) would take some work.
 My impression is that Daniel has done that already.

Communicating with project communities seems to be the inherently hard part of
this task.  But that has to happen no matter what, right?  So if there's little
difference in workload, I think it'd be better if we do migrate all non-empty
projects (rather than make projects do it).  That way no projects are left
behind and disappear from the internet.

Followup work could be tasked to the individual projects to handle.  This would
include moving Google Code landing page content into either a description or
wiki page.  And setting up the redirect info on the Google Code project.

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