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From sebb <>
Subject Format for project data: DOAP/JSON/other (was: Is ready for prime time?)
Date Sun, 21 Jun 2015 15:29:19 GMT
[Starting thread with new subject]

On 21 June 2015 at 16:03, Hervé BOUTEMY <> wrote:
> Le dimanche 21 juin 2015 15:54:29 jan i a écrit :
>> On 21 June 2015 at 15:48, Daniel Gruno <> wrote:
>> > I think the site is ready for a more prominent role, but I find this
>> > discussion confusing, and I find it somewhat sad that we're gonna stick
>> > with something as arcane as DOAP.
>> +100 !!
>> DOAP == Dead On Arrival Permanently :-) JSON == Jump Simply On New
>> (but I know I am only 1 voice).
> step by step, please: this will avoid confusion between independant topics
> switching without disturbing current conventions/knowledge is something that
> already takes a long time and energy: I know it because I put a lot of energy
> on it for a few monthes now!
> We started a discussion on this source format topic during april, and AFAIK
> nobody worked on it.
> What I'd like now is to switch: we can discuss later on what we want to change
> (and communication to every comittees this requires).
> With the new site, we'll be able to change formats if we want, the only
> requirement is to have json files for the visualization

Some PMCs are very responsive to requests to maintain DOAP files;
others take months and multiple reminders even for a simple fix. This
does not directly affect the format used to hold the data. However it
does mean that changing to a new format is likely to take a lot of
time and involve a lot of work. Meanwhile the code will need to
continue to support the old format.

It would however be an opportunity to make some improvements. For example:
- we could be more specific about the data that really needs to be
maintained by PMCs
- we could require that the files are stored in a well-known place,
rather than requiring an index file to find them.

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