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From jan i <>
Subject Re: Better specifying the scope of our Code of Conduct
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2015 11:23:45 GMT
On 30 June 2015 at 13:01, Bertrand Delacretaz <>

> Hi,
> Someone mentioned to me that they find the first paragraph of
> overly broad,
> and I tend to agree.
> That paragraph says "this code of conduct governs how we behave in any
> forum and whenever we will be judged by our actions" which implies
> that it also applies outside of "ASF territory" - I don't think that's
> appropriate. The next paragraph mentions "spaces managed by the Apache
> Software Foundation" which I find much more appropriate, maybe
> expanded with "and whenever we represent the ASF".
> The reasoning is that we can only speak about our own territory.
> As a simple example, putting your hand on someone's shoulder while
> talking to them is totally welcome in some cultures while considered
> "unwelcome sexual attention" (to reuse the words of that document) in
> others. We might ask people to refrain from doing that in our
> multi-cultural environment where we need to go down to some common
> denominator of acceptable behavior, but we can't blame them for doing
> that where it's culturally acceptable and even expected. The same goes
> with profanity, where the acceptable level varies immensely between
> cultures.
> So I think it's good to restrict our code of conduct to our own territory.
> I suggest reworking the first few paragraphs as follows, to clarify that:
> *** reworked code of conduct intro section ***
> This code of conduct applies to all spaces managed by the Apache
> Software Foundation, including IRC, all public and private mailing
> lists, issue trackers, wikis, blogs, Twitter, and any other
> communication channel used by our communities. A code of conduct which
> is specific to in-person events (ie., conferences) is codified in the
> published ASF anti-harassment policy.
> We expect this code of conduct to be honored by everyone who
> participates in the Apache community formally or informally, or claims
> any affiliation with the Foundation, in any Foundation-related
> activities and especially when representing the ASF, in any role.
> This code is not exhaustive or complete....(unchanged from here on)
> *** reworked code of conduct intro section ***
> What do people think?
Maybe I am a bad reader, but I read it as apacheCON CORE is not covered and
surely apache big data
(which is a "pure" LF managed event), because the space is managed by LF. I
would like to see it "applied to"
and not only "expect to be honered" for  all apache events including

jan i.

> -Bertrand

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