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From "Ross Gardler (MS OPEN TECH)" <>
Subject RE: Shared ASF calendars
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2015 19:10:23 GMT
The work I alluded to below is really early stage and, at this point, looks nothing like a
calendar app. But I have my plans ;-)

Take a look in ComDev SVN tools/events_list for the code - but I advise hanging on a short
while. Currently it is a script that pulls data from and stores it in a set of
flat files. It's not useful, today, for your purposes. I hope to hack more on it this weekend
and thus have it in a form that will allow folks to see places they can help, first goal is
a Django app that puts the events into a database and provides CRUD features for managing
that database. Once we have that then having projects put their own events in there (as well
as claiming imported events) will be possible.

With that starting point we can start to think about exposing that data in useful ways (like
embedding it in and in project web pages etc.)


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To: Ross Gardler (MS OPEN TECH)
Subject: Re: Shared ASF calendars

On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 11:10 PM, Ross Gardler (MS OPEN TECH) <>
> You can ask infra, but I don't see this as a viable cross project 
> service since confluence is not standards across all projects. 
> Personally I'd say don't bother. If you have a solution for Geode then 
> you should stick with that for now. If others ask then we can think 
> about asking infra. But I don't think adding to infra management overhead is a good idea
without good cause (managing plugins for Confluence has been a problem in the past.

The only reason for the request would be to manage Calendars on ASF INFRA while not requiring
yet *another* account to be known and shared among community members. The pain is really along
the same lines you're describing at the end of your email saying 'Melissa has  the keys'.
I was trying to figure out a way of how to avoid this single point of calendar management.

> We do need a better solution for cross project event tracking. I do 
> have something "in the works" and I've been given a push by Rich's 
> recent work on a script to pull data from However when 
> this will be available is dependent on my time (and interest) or that of people willing
to volunteer.

Is this something you can share? It would really great to have an ASF tool we all can use.
However little cycles I've got I may be able to help at least somewhat.

> One other thing you could do is ensure that your events are shared 
> with the ASF events calendar - see 
> how you do that I don't know. 
> I'm guessing sharing calendars in Google is possible. Melissa has the keys to the ASF


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