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From "Ross Gardler (MS OPEN TECH)" <>
Subject RE: Shared ASF calendars
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2015 06:10:08 GMT
You can ask infra, but I don't see this as a viable cross project service since confluence
is not standards across all projects. Personally I'd say don't bother. If you have a solution
for Geode then you should stick with that for now. If others ask then we can think about asking
infra. But I don't think adding to infra management overhead is a good idea without good cause
(managing plugins for Confluence has been a problem in the past.

We do need a better solution for cross project event tracking. I do have something "in the
works" and I've been given a push by Rich's recent work on a script to pull data from
However when this will be available is dependent on my time (and interest) or that of people
willing to volunteer.

One other thing you could do is ensure that your events are shared with the ASF events calendar
- see how you do that I don't know. I'm guessing sharing
calendars in Google is possible. Melissa has the keys to the ASF calendar.


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Subject: Shared ASF calendars


while trying to jumpstart robust tracking of community events for Geode poddling  the best
we could do was to embed Google calenar into our Confluence page:

This led me to this:
and a realization that if we have that enabled on our Confluence we can share these calendar
events between ASF projects (or so it seems after cursory reading of the docs).

Should I follow with INFRA and ask them to install it?

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