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From "Edward J. Yoon" <>
Subject I'm looking for "State of the Feather" filetype:pptx
Date Tue, 12 May 2015 07:08:40 GMT
Hi community,

In this month, I plan to talk about ASF at my company as below, and
wanting to reuse some slides from a presentation that you created for
the overview of ASF. I googled "statistics apache software foundation"
(this web page doesn't show anything w/ Loading Data...) and ApacheCon
2015 Ross Gardler "State of the Feather" filetype:pptx, ... but
couldn't find the sources. And I'm wondering whether there's some
comparison with Linux Foundation or Eclipse.

If possible, Please share with me. And, if you have any
suggestion/advice to me (or message to my coworkers), Please let me


Date: May 20, 2015
Location: Future Hall at Samsung Electronics
Attendees: Samsung Group employee of the world

Title: Open Source at Apache Software Foundation
Speaker: Edward J. Yoon, a member of Apache Software Foundation
Summary: In this talk, we're going to take a look at what Apache
Software Foundation is, which projects are being developed, and how to
contirbute them.

= Agenda =

10:00 The Strategy of Open Source - Han Jiyoen (OSS group at Samsung)
10:20 How to work with an Open Source Foundation - Brian Warner (Linux
11:00 Open Source at Apache Software Foundation - Edward J. Yoon
(Apache Software Foundation)

Multimedia Track 1 (FutureHall)

13:30 FFmpeg, 15 years after - Reynaldo Verdejo (SRA-SV OSG)
14:35 Gstreamer in IoT - Luis Guimera (SRUK OSG)
15:40 Dash and HLS support in Gstreamer - Thiago Santos (SRA-SV OSG)
16:50 Gstreamer running in Tizen - Jeon HuiChul (Software R&D Center)

System Track 2 (Challenge Hall)

13:30 Linux DVB framework enhancement - Sung JeongHak (Software R&D Center)
14:35 CIFSSRV : New Sailing - Jeon NamJae (VD division)
15:40 Detecting silent data corruptions and memory leaks using DMA
Debug API - Shuah Khan (SRA-SV OSG)
16:50 Systemd - Joe Waryong (Wireless Division)

Web Track 3 (DA Hall)

13:30 ~ 16:50 Chromium Contributing Explained - Adenilson Cavalcanti

Best Regards, Edward J. Yoon

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