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From "Ross Gardler (MS OPEN TECH)" <>
Subject RE: Apache meetups in the coming week
Date Fri, 29 May 2015 15:26:18 GMT
Adding preas@

Yes please. I want to work with Sally to figure out how to better amplify ASF related events
without significantly adding to her workload. Having tools like those you describe are a great

Is it possible to make the source available?

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From: Rich Bowen<>
Sent: ‎5/‎29/‎2015 8:22 AM
To: dev<>
Subject: Apache meetups in the coming week

Hi, folks.

In my day job, I have some tools that use the API to extract
upcoming events around the technology I work with (in this case,
OpenStack). I then manually filter, because there are always false
positives, and do weekly email/wiki/twitter updates based on what I
find. The community seems to appreciate it.

Today, I ran my tool against the search term 'apache', and then filtered
out everything but the ones that were, I thought, obviously related to
Apache technologies. I got 35 meetups in the next 7 days. The output of
my script is pasted below, for your perusal.

This entire process took about 10 minutes. The script, of course, takes
seconds, but checking each event can take a little time. And of course
'apache' produces a lot of false positives. The initial list was 81
items. Lots of hiking trails and native american dance classes featured.

Anyways, my question is, do you folks think that this would be a useful
service to provide to the community - to put this list somewhere each
week. Perhaps this list, perhaps somewhere more prominent like on for example.

Note that this is the easy bit. Attempting to tweet these events is much
more time consuming, because it involves scheduling them at appropriate
times for each time zone, and so on. I do that as part of my day job,
but in this case, perhaps we can rely in folks around the world to
tweet/facebook/g+ individual events?

This is a treasure trove of project promotion that we're just leaving on
the table, and with a few lines of Python it's there for us to use.



The following are the meetups I'm aware of in the coming week where
Apache enthusiasts are likely to be present. If you know
of others, please let me know, and/or add them to

If there's a meetup in your area, please consider attending. If you
attend, please consider taking a few photos, and possibly even writing
up a brief summary of what was covered.


* Fri May 29 in Emeryville, CA, US: Building Real-time Streaming Apps in
Minutes -

* Fri May 29 in Atlanta, GA, US: Building Big Data Real-time Streaming
Apps in Minutes -

* Fri May 29 in Chicago, IL, US: Building Big Data Real-time Streaming
Apps in Minutes- Online Session -

* Fri May 29 in Amsterdam, NL: Objects, actions, exploration and
structure -

* Fri May 29 in Deventer, NL: Borrel en Continuous Deployment met Thijs
Feryn (Vagrant, Ansible), Tony (AWS) -

* Sat May 30 in Bangalore, IN: Structured Data Processing with Spark SQL

* Sat May 30 in Bangalore, IN: Designing Big Data Systems - (SPARK) -

(kick-off) -

* Mon Jun  1 in Herzeliyya, IL: Using Apache Kafka as a Large Scale
Distributed Message Bus -

* Mon Jun  1 in Vancouver, BC, CA: Study Group for Apache Spark MOOC (#1
of 4) -

* Mon Jun  1 in Addison, TX, US: A Pragmatic Approach to Apache Spark
and Functional Programming -

* Mon Jun  1 in Minneapolis, MN, US: Cassandra MSP Meetup -

* Tue Jun  2 in Barcelona, ES: Barcelona Apache Spark Workshop 2015
(only for student of FIB MASTER COURSE) -

* Tue Jun  2 in Burlington, MA, US: Meet Solr 5 -

* Tue Jun  2 in Phoenix, AZ, US: Demo the basics of Mesosphere -

* Tue Jun  2 in Melbourne, AU: Spark SQL and beyond from the Spark SQL
lead developer from the U.S. -

* Tue Jun  2 in Oslo, NO: Hadoop at If insurance -

* Tue Jun  2 in San Francisco, CA, US: Using Spark at Vungle -

* Tue Jun  2 in Brussels, BE: Coached Mooc - Introduction to Big Data
with Apache Spark -

* Wed Jun  3 in Berlin, DE: Introduction to Apache Flink Workshop -

* Wed Jun  3 in Minneapolis, MN, US: Big Data & Analytics Developer Day

* Wed Jun  3 in Berlin, DE: GameDuell TechTalk with Boaz Leskes About
Resiliency in Elasticsearch -

* Wed Jun  3 in Palo Alto, CA, US: Apache Drill: Learn the basics with
Neeraja Rentachintala (MapR) -

* Wed Jun  3 in Palo Alto, CA, US: Taking 'Oops' Out Of Hadoop -

* Wed Jun  3 in Bellevue, WA, US: Data Engineering With XFrames -

* Wed Jun  3 in Phoenix, AZ, US: Splunk and Hadoop stack (Hunk, Hadoop
Connect, Bucket Archiving, Monitoring) -

* Wed Jun  3 in Melbourne, AU: Spark -

* Wed Jun  3 in Berlin, DE: #10: Multi-Structured Content in Data
Science -

* Wed Jun  3 in Chicago, IL, US: Using C* in a Distributed, Large-scale
Object Store & C*+ ElasticSearch+Spark -

* Thu Jun  4 in Edmond, OK, US: Click Stream Monetization and Intro to
Apache Spark -

* Thu Jun  4 in Chicago, IL, US: EdX Spark MOOC Discussion Group -

* Thu Jun  4 in Washington, DC, US: Spark After Dark -

* Thu Jun  4 in Oslo, NO: Big Data - No Fluff - lets get started with
Hadoop -

* Thu Jun  4 in Princeton, NJ, US: Graph Analytics - Titan and Cassandra

* Thu Jun  4 in São Paulo, BR: June Cassandra -

Rich Bowen - - @rbowen - @apachecon
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