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From Scott Wilson <>
Subject Re: What might an open source class look like?
Date Thu, 07 May 2015 08:12:06 GMT
On 7 May 2015, at 08:50, Stefan Sperling <> wrote:
> On Wed, May 06, 2015 at 06:42:48PM -0500, Daniel Ruggeri wrote:
>>   I think this is really neat and exciting but a challenge at the same
>> time. Since the idea was planted in my head w/ the ASF, I thought it
>> would be a good idea to float the question here to ask, "What would go
>> in a college class about open source?"
> Karl Fogel's book about producing open source software should be a
> useful resource:
> The way he describes communities is pretty much how the SVN project
> works, which (not incidentally) is how ASF projects ought to work :-)
> Perhaps you can use parts of it as reading material for students.
> Karl is has been working on a second edition since last year.
> You can get his work in progress state which should be more up to date
> with current practices from
> The first edition is from 2005, so somewhat outdated for today's students.

I ran a course for one semester on open source for first-year undergraduate students, partly
using Karl Fogel’s book and partly lots of OSS Watch material; the student’s course work
was focussed on a project of their choice, which they looked at from a range of viewpoints
(governance, community, communications, source control etc).

You can get an idea of what the course involved from student’s work, which was all on Wordpress:

I’ve been meaning to put the whole course on GitHub for a while now - if anyone would be
willing to help me port my Moodle course export into content on Github I’d love to make
all the materials available!


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