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From "Pavel Semyonov" <>
Subject redirection setting in .haccess
Date Sun, 17 May 2015 06:38:03 GMT
Hello Apache Gurus,

I'm for sure not a professional in Apache and I need to find a one-time 
solution for a problem below to support my new technical bilingual site.

I have a primary domain <dname>.COM and domain <dname>.RU set as an alias 
for <dname>.COM at the same ISP. All pages are bilingual and are located in 
one directory, i.e. all English pages are <page>.HTM and are intended for 
international customers whereas the corresponding <page_ru>.HTM Russian 
mirror pages are for Russia domestic customers. Correspondingly, the startup 
index page INDEX.HTM has its INDEX_RU.HTM mirror in Russian.

I need to redirect the www.<dname>.RU site opening request, which Apache 
automatically routes to the INDEX.HTM page (because <dname>.RU is set as an 
alias for <dname>.COM site),  to  the INDEX_RU.HTM page instead in order to 
have all Russian customers to go to the Russian pages initially. I guess 
that this shall be done somehow using Rewrite module
directives in .haccess file.

I looked thru Apache 2.4 online manual and it looks to be not easy to
understand how to do and will take me a lot of time to learn and debug. This
is not my business actually and I just need to find a one-time solution and
forget about this.

Pls note, that I need the www.<dname>.RU domain as an alias for the .COM 
domain and not as an add-on domain with simple automatic start page 
redirection to the page of the .COM site. I need to keep .RU domain as basic 
domain for all pages once user has came into the www.<dname>.RU domain 

I highly appreciate any assistance with this issue.
Thanx in advance.

Pavel Semyonov

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