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From Nick Burch <>
Subject Re: Events calendar
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2015 21:26:21 GMT
On Fri, 10 Apr 2015, Rich Bowen wrote:
> 1) What other calendars are out there, and what can we do to consolidate 
> them?

I tried to consolodate everything to the "official" Apache Events calendar 
as maintained in google docs + displayed on the comdev site, and a Lanyrd 
conferene guide which was for wider "Apache related" events which anyone 
could add to:

The Lanyrd group did well for a bit, but hasn't seen that much traction 
lately, possibly because it isn't that well advertised. Concom was axed 
before we finished consolodating onto the google calendar + events site, 
which is probably why there are so many odd/other ones still around

> 2) How can we get PMCs to put their events in that consolidated calendar, 
> once it exists, so that we don't have all of these last-minute event 
> surprises, and, also, so that we can help in promoting our communities' 
> events?

How about we create a conference committee, and give them the role? ;-)

Seriously though, we probably need to finalise/review the rules on what 
events go where (eg can an event with lots of Apache Projects at it go on 
the "main" one, or do they have to go elsewhere eg Lanyrd), then zap the 
old other calendars, then write up some more on how to add to the 
calendar(s) we have + how to add them to your site, then publicise.

Adding events for those with karma is easy for both the google calendar 
and lanyrd, what we're lacking is examples of easy ways for people to 
display them on their PMC / other sites. Without people using them, it's 
hard to get people enthusied in updating them, especially without a 
dedicated committee pushing it...


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