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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Standards for mail archive statistics gathering?
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2015 13:36:56 GMT
I'm interested in working on some visualizations of mailing list
activity over time, in particular some simple analyses, like thread
length/participants and the like.  Given that the raw data can all be
precomputed from mbox archives, is there any semi-standard way to
distill and save metadata about mboxes?

If we had a generic static database of past mail metadata and statistics
(i.e. not details of contents, but perhaps overall # of lines of text or
something), it would be interesting to see what kinds of visualizations
that different people would come up with.

Anyone have pointers to either a data format or the best parsing library
for this?  I'm trying to think ahead, and work on the parsing, storing
statistics, and visualizations as separate pieces so it's easier for
different people to collaborate on something.

- Shane

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