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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Project Visualization Tool...
Date Sat, 18 Apr 2015 04:43:37 GMT
We had a great session, and a lot of energy, hopefully we can make some
progress.  One note: this needs to be a comdev PMC project, and we need
to really plan the data part out if we want to be successful.

Note that projects-new.a.o is the planned future replacement for
projects.a.o - there are *significant* differences, so you need to look
at the About page and the source repo.  In particular, the new site uses
it's own new JSON generated sources which (I think) will no longer use
the DOAPs.

In particular, Infra currently does *not* consider either the data
gathering (i.e. populating the JSON behind the projects-new site) nor
the visualizations (current or ones we want to build) as core supported
services.  So whatever we build needs to be maintained by this PMC to
start with.

Also, Link dump of useful related bits: ----------------

Old service, based on crappy cron jobs and DOAP files from projects:

New service, soon to be infra supported, relying on JSON data generated
by infra on a regular schedule:

Useful PMC chair report helper, that surfaces a number of different
statistics about your PMC(s), including mailing list stats,
PMC/committer changes, some software releases, etc. etc. (Members have
visibility to all PMCs):

Rob Weir (AOO, Member) used to do some visualization stuff and might
have code ideas:

Ken Coar's old mailing list stats page:

The AOO project wrote a mailing list visualizer for who talks to whom:

Some outside statistics FLOSSmole generated about Apache communities and

Random other interesting analytics:
The Subversion project has the "contribulyzer"

- Shane

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