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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Help! Slide template fixup needed!
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2015 16:32:25 GMT
Jean-Frederic ran into the same problem as well, and suggested a fix:

Simply take each slide, cut the text block of bullets, and then paste
back into the slide. Save, and run thru slide show.

This worked for me - both for the section break slides as well as the
main text slides, this removes the transition and also makes the section
breaks appear.

Nick's alternate suggestion is to simply export the preso to PDF, and
then run through the PDF to do it.

Separately, here's hoping that it looks ok on the different projectors
- reportedly session rooms default to 4:3 format.

- Shane

On 4/12/15 3:23 PM, Shane Curcuru wrote:
> So I migrated everything to Nick's pretty Austin template, and didn't
> realize all the transitions were in there.  Is there any AOO Impress
> export out there who's willing to fixup my slides tonight?  (I speak
> right after lunch tomorrow).
> All I need are simple template/text box fixes for all the normal slides
> - most of the deck is just simple bullets with a few obvious section
> heading slides in between.
> - Ensure there are *no* transitions on any text slides. When a slide
> appears, the text block should appear.
> - Ensure the 2 title slides and each the section heading slides actually
> have the text appear in slideshow mode - the slide looks fine except
> when I'm presenting, and then the section headers have no text actually
> appearing.
> - Leave the two weird slides - with no background - alone.  You'll know
> then if you look.
> Deck:
> Thanks in advance. Yes, I should learn how to script updating the text
> blocks in AOO to fix this myself, but life has been too crazy lately
> with some serious extended family health issues.
> - Shane

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