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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Presentations about Apache Software Foundation
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2015 20:14:10 GMT
On 4/3/15 11:01 AM, Krzysztof Sobkowiak wrote:
> My intention is to simply look how other more experienced people do this. But after Ross's
answer a new question was
> born in my head. What does exactly the Apache License mean for slides? How can the Apache
licensed slides be reused?
> Regards
> Krzysztof

As Ross noted, it doesn't matter what kind of content it is, if it says
"Apache License 2.0" then it's available under that license, and the
terms of that license apply.

In a practical sense for any slides you get from one of these frequent
Apache speakers on the previous links, that means you're welcome to
re-use anything in those slides except for the trademarks (i.e. don't
somehow claim the title or main catchphrase from a previous slide deck
was your own creation - which is unlikely in any case) for creating your
own slides or other educational materials.

A best practice is certainly to license your content under the Apache
license or a permissive style CC license, and to provide some sort of
credit back if you re-use a bunch of content.

It would be interesting if ComDev wanted to writeup some details of best
practices for how to provide attribution and licensing metadata in
common slide creation software, especially Apache OpenOffice.  We do
have plenty of Apache-related presentations that many Apache committers
have re-used from each other back and forth.

For a legal perspective, you'd need to talk to your lawyer. 8-)

- Shane

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