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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Adding private@ support to reporter.a.o?
Date Thu, 19 Mar 2015 16:24:33 GMT
There are a number of useful statistics surfaced on reporter.a.o about
project mailing lists and such, however none of the statistics track
activity on PMC private@ lists.

I believe this would be very useful to have a larger sense of how active
different project private@ mailing lists are.  In particular, the ASF as
an organization often uses the pmcs@ alias - going to all private@ lists
- as a way to inform PMCs of important ASF activities and policies (like
recent branding recommendations and CMS changes).

How effective is using pmcs@ to communicate important information to
*every* project?  Do we have a sense if all projects are really
listening in a timely manner or not?  (I think a number of projects don't!)

I would love to see mailing list statistics over time for private@
lists, including subscribers, new posts, and especially new replies
somewhere that either PMC members/committers or Members can access.

Replies are important because that shows people are actually discussing
issues at all, or not.  I.e. in many cases if there's a major change or
question being asked of PMCs, you'd expect that the pmc would have a
brief "hey, how should we respond/does this affect us" thread on their
private@, and then go back to the original questioner.  If there are a
lot of private@ lists where there is typically no replies over time, I'd
be a bit concerned that the PMC may not be taking action (or at least
explicitly ACK'ing) important items in a timely manner.

Comments?  I'm figuring this is an INFRA ticket, which an infra team
member notes is probably not a lot of work.

- Shane

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