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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Apache Reporter Service
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 10:50:32 GMT
Hi folks,
as some of you will have noticed, either by the commits I just made or 
conversations going on elsewhere, I have started work on a new helper 
system for PMCs called the Apache Reporter Service. This is sort of an 
external addition to Whimsy, and shows various statistics and data for 
projects, designed to aid chairs (and other lurkers) in viewing and 
compiling data for board reports.

The system is now live at: - you will need 
to be a PMC member of a project to view this site, and you will - in 
general - only be shown data for projects where you are on the PMC.

The system will show you:
- Your next report date and the chair of the project
- PMC and committership changes over the past 3 months, as well as 
latest additions if >3 months ago
- The latest releases done this quarter (if added by RMs)
- Mailing list statistics: number of subscribers as well as number of 
emails sent this quarter and the previous
- JIRA tickets opened/closed this quarter (if correctly mapped within 
the system)
- A mock-up of a board report, with the above data compiled into it (to 
be edited heavily by the chair!)

Quick-navigation (hot-links) can be done by using the LDAP name of a 
project in the URL, for instance: would 
navigate directly to the Apache Portable Runtime project if you are on 
that PMC (or a member of the foundation).

The report mock-up is meant as a help only, not a canonical template for 
board reports. Vital items, such as community activity and board issues 
are intentionally left for the reporter (chair) to fill out, and heaven 
help the woman/man who submits a report with these fields left as 
default ;).

Later today, I plan to enable the distribution watching part of this 
service, which will send reminders to anyone who pushes a release, that 
they should (not required, but if they want to!) add their release data 
to the system, so as to help others using the system to get an overview 
of the status of any given project.

I have already gotten a lot of really useful feedback, but if you see 
something you'd like to change, either shoot me an email here on the 
comdev list, or commit a change to the system in svn.

With regards,

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