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From Hervé BOUTEMY <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Replace with
Date Sun, 08 Mar 2015 12:30:15 GMT
Le dimanche 8 mars 2015 13:13:32 Daniel Gruno a écrit :
> > CMS has staging, no?
> > And perhaps the site is tiny because there is no easy editing: chicken and
> > egg. IMHO, this new site has great graphics, but it really requires more
> > than graphics. And the CMS could be part of the solution to do that.
> I'm not sure the CMS would add anything but trouble to this, as the site
> is tied to svn two-way; It reads data but also commits it back to SVN
> when changes occur.
only the edit has such effect, and on some data, not on the site itself
I'm sure using CMS would help make this site a normal site

> Furthermore, I'm not sure the CMS would work for
> non-tlp sites...I've never tried that :)
Maven has Doxia site which is a sub-site, non-TLP

> and it would still be
> restricted to comdev in any case.
yes, comdev is a TLP like any other: should use CMS, since once again the site 
should not only have calculated graphics: it should have plain text too, with 
editorial content

> >>> - the idea of online editing is great, but not knowing what happens
> >>> behind
> >>> the scene, I fear to add sub-projects: what sub-projects should be
> >>> added?
> >>> can sub- projects be removed if the addition gives unexpected result?
> >> 
> >> A delete feature would make sense, yes. As for what can be added, that's
> >> really up to the project, just as it was with the doap files. If you
> >> feel something in your project is a sub project in itself, you can add
> >> it.
> > 
> > IIUC, the online editing just updates
> >
> > ects/ ?
> > Then editing these files is the way to track changes, or do what the
> > online
> > editing doesn't have any feature to do?
> When you edit a project's JSON file, it triggers an email to this list,
> detailing what was edited.
> There is also (now) a job on the machine that updates it in SVN. The svn
> goes both ways; You can update something online and it will be committed
> to svn, or you can edit the json object in svn directly and it will be
> checked out on the machine.
ok, svnpubsub and svn commit list: really classical

> >>> - what should we do with DOAP? Did I miss some explanations on private@
> >>> or
> >>> dev@ ML from a project I'm working on?
> >> 
> >> DOAP will be replaced by the online editing. We haven't contacted
> >> projects about this yet, but on the other hand, I don't think we'd just
> >> change the DNS without letting folks know what we were doing. It's only
> >> been in testing so far. Once it was on the path to becoming something
> >> more official, surely projects would be included more.
> > 
> > what is great with DOAP is that there is a schema: is there something
> > equivalent with json?
> > 
> >> But it also requires people other than me to chip in - I only have so
> >> many hands and feet :)
> > 
> > now that we know where the source code is, I hope people will involve.
> > How do we send patches? To you in person?
> No, you send them to this ML :) This is a comdev project, not a
> Humbedooh project ;)
ok, I'll try tonight with some really simple changes before trying more 
complex work



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