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From Nick Burch <>
Subject Knowing which talks are already claimed by another ApacheCon track?
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2015 16:49:47 GMT
Hi All

I'm trying to finalise the Content Technologies track for Austin, but I'm 
struggling to know which talks have already been "claimed" by other 
tracks. Some of the ones I want to include have review comments which 
suggest they might have been, and some I'd just guess might be. I can't 
seem to see anything conclusive in the review app though.

For the ones overlapping with Science&Healthcare, I'm getting round this 
by having the chair of that track just mark up my google doc spreadsheet 
with the talks he's already claimed, which just-about works but may not 
scale! Is there a more general way I can see what other track chairs are 
planning to take?

(If not, I can just send my list of talks, and hope for the best...)


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