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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: recent BZ changes -- some custom fields missing?
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2015 12:22:32 GMT
Hi Kay,

> We had an update to our BZ instance about a month ago. In all honesty, I
> didn't give the update a thorough review.
> Now, I see that our Release Blocker button, and Request Review button
> seem to be missing.
> Can someone else confirm this? or is it just my situation. Thanks.

I can confirm that this was the case. The migration of these bits must 
have gone wrong:

The release-blocker flags were still there, but none were activated, so 
I re-enabled the 4.1.2-blocker flag.

The request-review flag was also still there but there were no groups 
left that were allowed to request or grant reviews of a patch 
attachment. I'm not sure what the original setting was, but I think 
every registered user could request the review and every member with 
can-confirm rights could grant the review. I reset these bits accordingly.

Thanks for finding and reporting these problems!


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