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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Oaths and Anthems (was Re: A maturity model for Apache projects)
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2015 17:51:06 GMT
I think Bertrand’s document is coming along nicely.

This is half serious and half for fun, but while it will be great to have
a maturity model and top-level authoritative documents on the Apache Way,
to me, what would also help is a way to make important things memorizable.
 I sure hope I don’t have to memorize every word of Bertrand’s document
and only use it as a reference.

As I mentioned on one of these threads, the Boy Scouts (and Girl Scouts)
have oaths and “laws” that you have to memorize to be officially accepted
into their communities.  IMO, these very short “documents" try to cement
certain keywords in your head so that you at least realize that certain
topics are important to that organization.  It isn’t out to be detailed in
any way.  That’s what these other documents are for.

So, I offer below some oaths, “laws of Apache” and even an anthem derived
mostly by culling words from Bertrand’s document.  I left out anything
from Bertrand’s document like quality and security that I felt folks
should already be practicing in their day job or in other open source
organizations.  I wanted the fewest words so that it could be more easily
memorized and cement in your head the things that make Apache different
from your day job and other open source groups.

Hope you like it.

The Committer Oath
I, _________, promise to properly record the licensing and copyright of
any code I commit, treat all committers equally, use the mailing list for
communicating with others, only veto code with technical explanations,
help users, fix bugs, and represent myself and not my employer in my

The PMC Member Oath (assumes you’ve memorized the Committer Oath already).
I, _________, promise to ensure the correct licensing and copyright of the
content of releases, treat all PMC members and committers equally, seek
consensus before voting, identify others whose meritorious actions deserve
inclusion as committers or PMC members, and use the private mailing list
only for discussions about people,

- The Laws of Apache -

Apache Releases:
-Are free
-Are PGP-signed
-Approved by majority vote
-Do not contain compiled code.
-Contain scripts to compile any source that needs compilation.
-Contain correct LICENSE and NOTICE files

Apache Source Code:
-Is recorded in SVN or Git.
-Is not on GitHub (that’s a copy).
-Is available to the public
-Contains correct headers
-Is licensed under an approved license
-Does not depend on external code under certain licenses.

Apache Binary Packages:
-make the Release Manager liable
-contain LICENSE and NOTICE

The Apache Anthem (to the tune of “My Country Tis of Thee” or “God Save
the Queen”)

A-pach-e code for free
Source zip and tar.gz
Signed PGP.

License and Copyright
NOTICE files in sight.
3 plus-1 vote majority
No binary

Please get those headers right
Plus how to build it right
Check dependencies

Source in Subversion tree
Or Git Repositry
On servers in Apa-a-che
Legal history

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