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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: overhaul proposal
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2015 23:42:54 GMT
I was probing the notion that it might be to the advantage of the OFBiz
community to just volunteer something instead of being asked.  Maybe the
folks on this list know the other Apache projects better than I do, but I
wouldn’t even know what to ask for.

The project I’m involved in, Apache Flex, might also have the technology
to improve a lot of things at the ASF.  Once the code I’m working on gets
to a certain point, if I need more customers and want to test out the “eat
your own dog food” principle, I may start offering replacements to some of
the web experiences we have at the ASF.  If I can run a live PoC, it will
make it much easier to sell and focus the conversation and maybe even
garner more contributors.  And even if the ASF rejects it, I will have
learned something in the process.  For sure, I will meter the effort I put
into it accordingly so it isn’t a huge deal if it doesn’t get adopted.


On 1/14/15, 2:09 PM, "Pierre Smits" <> wrote:

>Like some have expressed in earlier messages in this thread this endeavour
>could take up some time. Especially when requirements are not clear.
>And let's not forget, the OFBiz community volunteers their effort to get
>a better OFBiz product. They have the tools in place for that. If the ASF
>wants something on top of that from the OFBIz community it needs to be
>asked there (their mailing lists). Not here. Even if it is assistance with
>prototyping a Proof of Concept.
>Apart from that, as the building blocks of OFBiz don't use exotic
>constructs (it is java, xml, ftl, groovy, when talking languages) I
>an ASF Azure box can suffice. If concessions regarding data storage are
>acceptable (integrated derby in stead of external RDBMS) for such a PoC..
>Best regards,
>Pierre Smits
>Services & Solutions for Cloud-
>Based Manufacturing, Professional
>Services and Retail & Trade
>On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 10:30 PM, Alex Harui <> wrote:
>> I’m way outside my area of knowledge, but is there anything stopping the
>> OFBiz community from getting an ASF Azure box and trying to prototype
>> something?
>> -Alex
>> On 1/14/15, 10:46 AM, "Pierre Smits" <> wrote:
>> >You are correct. And I am aware that budgets are limitied. But I don't
>> >what
>> >the budget will be nor decide where the money of the ASF flows. I can
>> >ask for some of it regarding a project. And even then, I won't consider
>> >doing so for something that could be perceived as a pet project of
>> >Smits. If ASF offices do want an OFBiz implementation to work with,
>> >they should go ahead and involve both INFRA and the OFBiz community.
>> >
>> >I understand the concerns. I myself have them as well when dealing with
>> >volunteer organisations. But - and apparently - the ASF has this solved
>> >regarding the INFRA office. The same could be worked out for the other
>> >solutions and/or services it needs to have in place.
>> >
>> >You just need to ask the right questions to the right people.
>> >
>> >Best regards,
>> >
>> >Pierre Smits
>> >
>> >*ORRTIZ.COM <>*
>> >Services & Solutions for Cloud-
>> >Based Manufacturing, Professional
>> >Services and Retail & Trade
>> >
>> >
>> >On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 5:34 PM, Ross Gardler (MS OPEN TECH) <
>> >> wrote:
>> >
>> >> Maintaining servers costs money. Money has to come from somewhere and
>> >>has
>> >> to be budgeted. We can't just drop a new demand on infra without
>> >>discussing
>> >> it with them and ensuring they have the capacity.
>> >>
>> >> In terms of maintenance of the result Im thinking who makes the
>> >>we
>> >> need as requirements change over time? Somebody needs to be
>> >>for
>> >> that and we need to be sure it is sustainable. The easier it is to
>> >>maintain
>> >> the easier it is to find someone willing to do it.
>> >>
>> >> As for my suggestion for OfBiz to be applied to operational area of
>> >> foundation I said "currently unstructured" that is the information
>>is in
>> >> ad-hoc spreadsheets and mailing lists.  OfBiz is, as far as I'm
>> >> designed for the kinds of functions I listed.
>> >>
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