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From sebb <>
Subject Re: overhaul proposal
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2015 18:53:47 GMT
I think it is a good idea to replace the current projects.a.o build
system because it is extremely complicated currently.
It even has its own build system partly based on XML,and the build
tools are spread over at least two parts of SVN.
The build requires Perl, XSLT and I think there's now some Python as well.

However there may be some issues with the conversion.
I mention a few below, not to kill off the idea but to make sure the
issues are covered.

The existing build files have a few special cases built in - e.g. to
ensure that project names are treated sensibly.
It may take a while to determine which of these need to be retained.

DOAP files may have usage outside the ASF. So dropping them entirely
may not be possible.

When I suggested moving the Commons DOAPs to a common directory (they
are currently in the individual component trunks) I got a lot of
opposition, because people wanted the DOAP in the same place as the
code. I think the idea was that it made it easier to remember to
update them when doing new releases.

Also note that not all projects have DOAPs yet.
>From time to time I chase up projects that have not produced one, but
progress can be very slow.
That may prove simpler with a new online form. It reduces people's
choices as to where to store the data.

The other aspect that is often forgotten is user documentation.
The existing docs are not wonderful, but I think it is possible to
work out how to create and submit a new DOAP with careful reading.

If the new system is to be successful long-term, I think it's vital
that it is clearly documented from the start.

On 14 January 2015 at 18:31, Jacques Le Roux
<> wrote:
> Yes, it's great to have 3 OFBiz demos available, we (me on behalf of the
> OFBiz team) thank you (the infra team) for that!
> We could though give one back to infra or the ASF at large ;)
> Note: I'm not volunterring to support Pierre's idea ;)
> Jacques
> Le 14/01/2015 17:45, Daniel Gruno a écrit :
>> Furthermore, with my infra hat on, we already have enough technical debt
>> to deal with in the near future, we will not be supporting a new service
>> like OFBiz for quite a while, and especially not without someone from OFBiz
>> "paying the infra tax".
>> With regards,
>> Daniel.

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