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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: Volunteering in schools
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2015 20:24:15 GMT
On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 2:59 PM, Ross Gardler (MS OPEN TECH)
<> wrote:
> I know we have a bunch of people who already volunteer to teach in schools. I know that
this has a great deal of impact at many levels. I'm looking for volunteers to help with a
potential new initiative.
> In the run-up to ApacheCon Sally will be running a campaign around the 15th Anniversary
of the foundation. It will look at the legacy of the ASF and to the future. It will focus
on the ASF as being a place of innovation and excitement.
> I've recently had confirmation that a representative of TEALS, an organization that trains
volunteers to teach in high schools in 20 states. These students take a rigorous college level
CS class (UC Berkeley CS10 or UW CSE142/143 AP) in schools that might otherwise have no IT
component at all.
> 40% of the schools are Title 1 schools (as a Brit I had to look this up, in short it's
about improving academic achievements of the disadvantaged [1]) and a dozen or so are in very
rural areas. Furthermore, 25% of their students are girls and 25% are from minority groups
(in other words this has an impact on diversity).
> My ask of the ComDev PMC is for us to run a BOF at ApacheCon to figure out how we might
enable ASF community members to assist with the work that TEALS (and similar) organizations
do. I'm happy to help drive this, but ideally there will be a couple of volunteers here who
are interested enough to take ownership.
> I'm working with Sally to find other valuable folks to participate and hope to have more
than just TEALS represented. What I would like to do, in a perfect world, is announce a partnership
at ApacheCon. Failing that I would like to develop the outline of a partnership at ApacheCon
> So, please step forward if you are interested in volunteering (there's no need for you
to be present in Austin, though that would be great).
> Ross
> [1]
> Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
> A subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation

I've done similar work with high school and college students in
Fedora; and it's challenging. Particularly it's a lot of overhead,
especially if the instructor is not very plugged in to the open source
group. That said, having seen the normal statistics, I'd say that the
ASF does a far better job with things like GSOC than most open source
groups do. The level of retention seems much higher.

I'm tentatively willing to participate, conditioned on me having time
when this comes around.


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