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From Jay Vyas <>
Subject Mailing lists, sites, ...
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2015 15:29:56 GMT
Hi Apache .

Every so often we get the question come up: does Apache infra allow/support ____.  The answer
is sometimes "not yet" and related to the fact that there are 100s of projects that require
uniformity at Apache, and it would be chaos of every new project was allowed a new infrastructure.


Now that project infrastructure is easier using things like github and static sites or google
groups forums etc.... Maybe the ASF could loosely agree to support some types of "alternative"
project tooling, as long all project conversations and decisions and artifacts were centrally
archived at Apache?This can easily be done by simply adding an Apache email address to a monitor
a particular forum , or github issues notifications or whatever.

Benefits of looser grip on community infrastructure:  

The main benefit of Apache in a post github era is not the storage and mail servers - it's
the centralized archiving, community process, and transparent workflow.  And those things
can be implemented with any technology.

So, my general thought is : Apache still can enforce its core principals while loosening some
of the more granular rules around infrastructure . Maybe the time is now (or maybe not) to
start allowing projects to branch out their tooling  ... While still supporting the tried
and true mechanisms and not pressuring infra every time someone wants to use some new email
alternative or site hosting solution.

In any case looking  forward to feedback on this from some Apache veterans .

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