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From Marshall Schor <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon Austin Reviewing
Date Sat, 31 Jan 2015 16:40:14 GMT

I was able to get two people to submit UIMA talks.  I've signed up as a
"reviewer", but have never done this before, and am looking for some guidance,
timelines, etc.   So I have some basic questions.  If these have been already
answered somewhere, please post a pointer to the definitive site / email :-).

Are their any guidelines for reviewing these talks and calibrating the rating
category (strongly reject <--> strongly accept)? and when are these due?  I, of
course, would like to see these talks at the conference, and know the
presenters, and think they would give great talks, so my inclination is to mark
these as strongly accept. 

There's also a proposed UIMA BoFs.  I'd like to see this happen, and I'm
planning to be there, so should I just mark this strongly accept? or if there is
some limit, what are the guidelines for scoring BoFs?

Besides the scoring / comments, what other procedures / processes do we need to
participate in, leading up to the conference? 

-Marshall Schor

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