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From Jacques Le Roux <>
Subject Re: overhaul proposal
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2015 17:37:46 GMT
Just as a note for the sake of truth, OFBiz has Content component

I very like what I saw, kudos!


Le 14/01/2015 12:48, Daniel Gruno a écrit :
> Hi folks,
> I was having a conversation with Rich (Bowen) some weeks ago, and the sentiment was that
our projects page ( 
> <> ) could use a big overhaul. It's outdated, not very
user friendly, doesn't really compile the data into anything useful 
> (mostly just displays "raw" data) and it's difficult to navigate (no search abilities,
no actual overviews).
> Therefore, I propose that the community development project takes over this project from
Infra, which has no interest in continuing/maintaining it, 
> and revamps it with both a new site design and a new LDAP/JSON-based information system
which would enable people to edit their project details 
> online without having to upload/change RDF files when something happens. This would also
mean that everything could be rendered in the browser 
> instead of relying on daily cron jobs to compile the page, and also allow us to add some
inspiring/interesting graphical charts and 
> overviews/timelines.
> I have been working on a proposal that follows these ideas, which is available for preview
at for those interested. Only 
> the first two tabs in the menu currently work (and the extensive search feature), but
that is still most of what the old site has and then some. I 
> am pondering on moving some of the front page stuff to the 'Timelines' tab instead, feedback
is appreciated on this.
> So, comments, feedback, questions, anything is most welcome, especially comments on whether
> 1) think comdev should be responsible for the projects directory
> 2) think the proposal looks good/swell/nifty/whatever.
> A few notes on the search feature:
> - You can search for virtually anything within a project, types, languages, descriptions,
bug-trackers etc
> - Try typing your committer ID or Apache ID into the box, and it will show all projects
you are a part of
> If there is consensus for moving this into comdev framework and collaborating on this,
I will commit the proposal to a sub-folder in the comdev svn 
> repository and ask infra for a VM where we can set this up.
> With regards,
> Daniel.

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