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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: overhaul proposal
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2015 16:45:53 GMT
Let me just interject that this thread is (or was originally) about 
replacing a convenience web site that helps people find projects of 
interest, not about creating a canonical internal source for foundation 
records :)

If such a canonical system was to be made, it would not be, it would probably be somewhere else (somewhere 
internal?). I don't know that OFBiz can do the things I have in mind for 
the projects directory, and as Rich pointed out, this should really be a 
system that multiple comdev people could maintain and develop, and I 
only know of one person in this discussion who knows enough about OFBiz 
to do so.

Perhaps we should start a new thread about the OfBiz part? It seems to 
be a very different discussion than what I had in mind, and most likely 
a discussion that will go on for some time.

Furthermore, with my infra hat on, we already have enough technical debt 
to deal with in the near future, we will not be supporting a new service 
like OFBiz for quite a while, and especially not without someone from 
OFBiz "paying the infra tax".

With regards,
On 2015-01-14 17:34, Ross Gardler (MS OPEN TECH) wrote:
> Maintaining servers costs money. Money has to come from somewhere and has to be budgeted.
We can't just drop a new demand on infra without discussing it with them and ensuring they
have the capacity.
> In terms of maintenance of the result Im thinking who makes the changes we need as requirements
change over time? Somebody needs to be responsible for that and we need to be sure it is sustainable.
The easier it is to maintain the easier it is to find someone willing to do it.
> As for my suggestion for OfBiz to be applied to operational area of the foundation I
said "currently unstructured" that is the information is in ad-hoc spreadsheets and mailing
lists.  OfBiz is, as far as I'm aware, designed for the kinds of functions I listed.
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> From: Pierre Smits<>
> Sent: ‎1/‎14/‎2015 8:25 AM
> To:<>
> Subject: Re: overhaul proposal
> Like INFRA is expected to host/support svn instances, etc. All dependant on
> the requirements of the ASF.
> OFBiz is the open source business enablement suite of the ASF (the works -
> as a result of the project being an ASF), though primarily advertised as an
> ERP/E-Commerce solution by the project.
> What kind of requirements do think about when considering 'that any ComDev
> member who wants to help out needs to learn OfBiz'? You are thinking of how
> to use it? Or are your thoughts tending towards development?
> Prior to creating the presentation (
> I created a new
> 'community' application working out the PoC and functionality approaches
> and that was done easily. As easy was converting some of the publicly
> available data regarding projects and persons and importing it. And that I
> used to get the screenshots used in the presentation.
> Yes, OFBiz can also be used for and within other functions/domains of the
> ASF. As was raised in the recent past regarding fund raising and the book
> store. But also regarding the tracking and tracing of the promotional
> materials of the ASF to 3rd party event organisers. How it is used within
> the ASF is up to the board and its committees.
> You seem to be suggesting in your last sentence that OFBiz (within the ASF)
> should be used for the unstructured information and the associated
> processes of the ASF. For sure, there are other solutions available within
> the ASF portfolio that cater such requirements better.
> Best regards,
> Pierre Smits
> Services & Solutions for Cloud-
> Based Manufacturing, Professional
> Services and Retail & Trade
> On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 4:36 PM, Ross Gardler (MS OPEN TECH) <
>> wrote:
>> This requires that infra maintain a running instance of OfBiz and that any
>> ComDev member who wants to help out needs to learn OfBiz. Have you
>> consulted with infra? Can ComDev members be expected to learn OfBiz in
>> order to make a small tweak?
>> It seems to me that whilst the extra functionality discussed here would be
>> very valuable there is a much steeper path to build g something
>> maintainable.
>> I'd like to see approach this as a separate proposal from
>> work. OFbiz is likely to be useful to the Board and
>> various foundation commitees and for this reason I don't see ComDev as
>> being the right home or being the right target.
>> As I said when you originally raised this I would recommend focusing on a
>> committee that tracks other data, data that is not currently well
>> structured. Trademarks, media, fundraising and are all
>> examples.
>> Ross
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