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From Rob Vesse <>
Subject Re: Attendee Numbers for ApacheCon EU?
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 14:39:14 GMT

Comments inline:

On 25/11/2014 14:06, "jan i" <> wrote:

>On 25 November 2014 at 12:36, Rob Vesse <> wrote:
>> Does anyone have an attendance figures for last weeks ApacheCon EU
>>since I
>> ideally need to include it in my conference trip report?
>The last number I have was just below 300. Which correspond to the
>expected, but a bit lower than hoped for (helping arrange the conference
>always put the hopes up).

Thanks for this, I'm not interested in Cloudstack numbers since I didn't
stay for that (my employer is OpenStack focused anyway)

>Remark this number do not include the cloudstack conference (the last 2
>Living in Europe I of course want ACEU to be at least as big as
>we will get there.

Yes that would be great

>Also one of the conference volunteers mentioned in passing that they were
>> counting attendees in individual sessions.  If they were is this data
>> to be collated and shared anywhere?
>Yes these numbers was collected, but are at the moment in a form which is
>not really easy readable and right now there are no plans to put them up
>a web page.
>The numbers of the individual sessions also need to be used carefully, and
>first of all they do not express how popular or big a project is. Just an
>example, some sessions are traditionally big in US and small in EU or the
>other way round.

Understood, the only number I'm really interested in is the number for my
own talk since ideally I need to report that as well.  I have a rough
count that I did myself at the time but I'd like it to be as accurate as

Is the data somewhere visible to committers?



>jan i.
>> Thanks,
>> Rob

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