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From Igor Galić <>
Subject (improving) New Committers Info
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 15:52:06 GMT

Fellow Humans,

this weekend the trafficserver team added a new committer,
which means that i sent out this wonderful template with
a link to

for further information.

Who of you remembers getting that email?

and who remembers reading it, and weeping softly, because you
had no idea what's going on, and how you'll ever stand up to
the impossible standards of the demi-gods that just stretched
out a finger to you?

or is that just me? oh, well…

well, one way or another, these walls of text, and i'm using the
plural here, because in trafficserver's case we also invite people
to the PMC at the same time, which means they also get:

are profoundly unhelpful, out-dated, and to quote rich:

07:40 <+rbowen> igalic: Very discouraging and overwhelming. 
07:40 <+rbowen> Almost all of the first block of questions are ... pointless
07:40 <+rbowen> What is an infrathon? Really? That's what a committer needs to know?
07:41 <+rbowen> I find these pages that are just a list of questions to be exactly the
wrong way to go about it.
07:41 <+rbowen> I don't even know what the questions mean, as a new committer, let alone
care about the answers.
07:42 <+rbowen> Seems that the version control questions should go first anyways.
07:42 <+rbowen> When do I need to use svn lock?
07:42 <+rbowen> um ... what's svn lock?
07:42 <+rbowen> Ah, the answer is "don't do that"
07:42 <+rbowen> Brilliant.
07:42 <+rbowen> This page makes me cry.

But! There's a silver-lining on the horizon here:

07:43 <+rbowen> On the bright side, nobody is ever going to find these documents on
their own.

So I'd like to solicit some help fixing these pages to
contain useful information…

Igor Galić

Tel: +43 (0) 664 886 22 883
GPG: 8716 7A9F 989B ABD5 100F  4008 F266 55D6 2998 1641

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