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From Sergio Fernández <>
Subject Re: Content tracks at ApacheCon Austin
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2014 16:17:14 GMT
It'd be cool to have a Linked Data track there too. Just not sure if the 
community, which AFAIK is mainly European, could afford to travel there...

On 22/11/14 18:16, Rich Bowen wrote:
> The CFP for ApacheCon Austin closes on February 1st, so we have just
> over 2 months to get our content solicited for that event. I need your
> help.
> At ApacheCon EU this week, I spoke with a number of project PMCs. I
> requested that they attempt to put together what they feel would be a
> good track - ie., a list of topics that they feel would need to be
> covered in order for their project to be properly represented - and then
> attempt to solicit *those* talks from their user/dev community.
> This has a few benefits over the standard "what do you want to talk
> about?" CFP process. One, you end up with the talks that represent a
> full coverage of a project, without big holes. And it's a great way to
> encourage new speakers who are having trouble deciding what they might
> speak about.
> I believe I'll be getting tracks from:
> * Cloudstack
> * OFBiz
> * OpenOffice
> * Mesos
> * httpd
> I would ask that you make this request of your project PMC, those of you
> who have a project (or more) that you are active on. Or find the person
> who should own this.
> In the coming days, I'd like to build a list of people that are
> interested in making ApacheCon Austin happen, and in particular helping
> get PMCs more involved in the process. If that's you, please speak up.
> Question: Do you think we need a dedicated mailing list for this, or
> should we continue to do this on dev@community? (I'm open to either way,
> but if folks feel strongly one way or the other, we should do that.)

Sergio Fernández
Partner Technology Manager
Redlink GmbH
m: +43 660 2747 925

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