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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Re: [ApacheCon] Fallback keynote for Budapest
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2014 18:31:38 GMT
Here's a crazy suggestion: would there be any interest in having
a legal-centric keynote on the experience of a mid-size open
source-based company with ASF, Apache Lincese, etc?

I have a really wonderful legal councilor partner who is
also an amazing speaker.


On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 7:08 AM, Rich Bowen <> wrote:
> One of our keynotes for ApacheCon Budapest has been withdrawn, and we need
> to come up with a replacement, fairly quickly.
> I wanted to have a bunch of eyes on the options that have been already
> suggested to me. If you have a *great* suggestion, and contact info, please
> speak up. If it's just a random suggestion and you don't have a personal
> contact, please save it for next year, as we need to move quickly on this.
> EU-based speakers are preferred for reasons of logistics.
> So, here's what's been suggested so far:
> Dirk-Willem suggests: can prolly dig out a BBC one from the woman who is the
> key brain/architect behind iplayer and olympics if needed - or something
> from the BBC archive folks.
> Sebastien suggests: you might reach out to @swardley who has connection with
> UK gov and their adoption of open source open standards. It does not seem
> that the intent was to discuss open source in e-governement, but It would be
> an interesting subject and slightly less politically tainted.
> Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier has a talk schedule about why we need to preach the
> gospel of Apache more than we're doing now, and this was initially submitted
> as a keynote.
> I was sure I had more of them, but I'm not able to find them right now in
> the brief break between meetings, so please speak up if you've suggested
> something and I've overlooked it.
> Of these listed, Joe's is the only one that we know for certain that we have
> already in the can. The others would require more legwork, and probably more
> cost.
> While the decision is, in the end, on me, I very much value your input to
> help me make the decision. I'd like to have something tentatively decided by
> the end of the week, and messages sent out to the potential speakers in
> question.
> --
> Rich Bowen - - @rbowen
> - @apachecon

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