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From Joe Brockmeier <>
Subject Re: Tweets for ApacheCon (was Re: ApacheCon - How you can help)
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2014 22:03:26 GMT
On Tue, Sep 23, 2014, at 04:48 PM, Joe Brockmeier wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 19, 2014, at 08:37 AM, Rich Bowen wrote:
> > Here's the most important ways that you can help with ApacheCon EU right 
> > now, in order of importance.
> > * Reach out to other audiences - Twitter, Facebook, and G+, certainly, 
> > but also other non-Apache projects you're involved with that have strong 
> > overlap with our content. Again, mention specific talks and people that 
> > will be at the event.
> I'm including a list of suggested tweets for *all* talks at ApacheCon EU
> here. It'd be great if we could start using these and tweeting from
> project and personal accounts. 

Sorry - disregard previous list. Corrected keynote info and used the
correct (I believe) Apache OpenOffice twitter handle this time. 

                                       # # # 

Don't miss @rbowen delivering the Apache Software Foundation State of
the Feather at #ApacheCon in Budapest!

At #ApacheCon in Budapest, @douglascarswell will keynote on "iDemocracy
and Political Reform" Nov. 17-21!

Apache Tez - A New Chapter In Hadoop Data Processing by Hitesh Shah at #ApacheCon Budapest

See @gagravarr discuss "The Apache Way" at #ApacheCon in Budapest, Nov. 17-21!

Nov. 17th: Mobile Productivity and Apache with
@uxproductivity, Louis Suárez-Potts @ageofpeers #ApacheCon Budapest 

OFBiz: What Do Business Users See and Want?
Sharan Foga

Using Apache Commons SCXML 2.0: by @AteDouma at
#ApacheCon in Budapest

Apache @CouchDB State Of The Union by @janl in
Budapest at #ApacheCon this November

Learn about Jax-Rs 2.0 With Apache Cxf Continued by @sberyozkin at #ApacheCon Europe (Budapest!) November 17-21

This Nov., the amazing @rbowen presents Configurable Configuration
w/Apache at #ApacheCon Europe in Budapest httpd

ETL Made Simple Using Spark by @mayur_rustagi
@ApacheCon Europe, November 17-21 in Budapest!

Did somebody say #Beer?! Brewing With Apache OFBiz by @PierreSmits @ApacheCon Europe Budapest, 17

See @ApacheOO's @pescetti discusses "Bending The Rules: Community Over
Code Over Policy" #ApacheCon in Nov.

See "Oak, the Architecture of Apache Jackrabbit 3.0" by Michael Dürig at #ApacheCon Europe, 17 Nov. in Budapest!

Get an Introduction to @CouchDB from @janl
@ApacheCon Europe, Budapest - Nov. 17-21

Using Websocket With CXF And Camel by Akitoshi
Yoshida at #ApacheCon Europe, 17 Nov. in Budapest!

Learn about Building @ApacheCordova Applications With Apache Flex from @ChristoferDutz @ApacheCon Nov. 17-21

"External Identity And Authentication Providers For Apache Httpd" by Jan Pazdziora @ApacheCon Europe - Nov. 17-21

"Accelerating Big Data Application Development With Cascading" by @supreet_online #ApacheCon Nov. 17-21 #Java 

"Sharing Apache's Goodness: How We Should Be Telling Apache's Story" by @jzb #ApacheCon in Budapest, Nov. 17-21

Find out "What's New In Apache Syncope 1.2.0"
from @coheigea @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest, Nov. 17-21

Putting The C Back In @CouchDB 2.0: Merging Bigcouch by @wohali @ApacheCon Europe, Budapest this Nov.

CXF Security And Reliability by Dennis Sosnoski
@ApacheCon Europe, Budapest - this Nov. 17-21

Catch "mod_rewrite And Friends: URL Mapping And Manipulation With Apache
httpd" by @rbowen at #ApacheCon on Nov. 17

See "Cordova And Firefox OS - HTML5 For The Mobile Web" by @JasonWeathersby #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov.

"Introduction To A Groovy Based DSL For Apache OFBiz" by @jacopo_c #ApacheCon Europe in Budapest, Nov.

Long-Lived Yarn Services: The Future Of Yarn Applications by @steveloughran #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov.

"Patches Welcome - Contributing To Apache Projects In A Nutshell" at
#ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21 by @MaineC

Learn about "Apache JSPWiki" from Siegfried
Goeschl #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

"@CouchDB Replication: A Robust Sync Architecture For The Mobile World" @janl #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

"From OAuth1 To OAuth2 With Apache CXF And Hawk"
by @sberyozkin #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

"Apache Traffic Server & #Lua - The Perfect Match" Shu Kit Chan #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

Learn about Apache DeviceMap (incubating) from
@wernerkeil #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

GUI Unit Test For Apache OFBiz Olivier Heintz
#ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

Building A Better Test Platform: Improving @Hbase Testing w/@Docker @dimaspivak #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

RTFM? Write a better FM! @rbowen #ApacheCon
Budapest, Nov. 17-21

#ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21 "If You Have The Content, Then Apache
Has The Technology!" by @gagravarr 

Using @Couchdb To Help Unravel The Mysteries Of The Universe Michael Marino #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

Design REST Services With CXF JAX-RS: Best Practices And Lessons Learned by Andrei Shakirin #ApacheCon Nov. 17

Catch "An Introduction To Apache Flex" @ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21 by @JustinMclean

"From Squid To Happiness In 42 Easy Steps" by
@igorgalicgile #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

Apache OFBiz Infra Task Automation For Deployment And Hosting by Nicolas Malin  #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov.

At #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21 learn to Secure Your Hadoop Cluster
With Apache Sentry by Xuefu Zhang

A Development Analytics Dashboard For Apache Cloudstack by @jgbarah #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

RBAC Authorization With Apache Directory Server And Fortress by Emmanuel Lecharny #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov.

CouchDB-Based System For The Users Data Management In CMS At LHC: Hassen Riahi #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

Secure Services With Apache CXF w/Andrei
Shakirin #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

Unit Testing Apache Flex Applications by
@JustinMclean #ApacheCon Budapest, Nov. 17-21

Catch "Introduction To A Recommender System For Apache OFBiz" by Anahita Goljahani at #ApacheCon Europe, Nov.

Don't miss @ke4qqq's #ApacheCon keynote: The Value of @TheASF in Budapest, Nov. 17-21

Keynote: A Q&A Discussion with best-selling author @HughHowey @rbowen #ApacheCon Europe, Budapest - Nov. 17-21

Author of "Wool," @HughHowey will be at @ApacheCon Europe to do a Q&A
with @rbowen in Budapest on 18 November! 

Get the "State Of Apache @Hbase, 1.0 Release" from @xefyr @ApacheCon
Europe on 18 November!

Catch "Cassandra (And Hadoop) Case Studies From Finn.No" by @mck_sw @ApacheCon Europe on 18 November!

Apache Brooklyn (incubating) - What It Is And Why You Might Use It @FrontierTown

See "Apache Incubator: Gateway Into The Apache Way & A Continual
Mentoring Venue" @ApacheCon w/@sureshmarru &

Learn about "Effective Web Application Development With Apache Sling" from @rombert @ApacheCon Europe on Nov. 18th

"Lucene Spatial - The Forgotten NoSQL Spatial Datastore" by @TheSteve0 @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 17-21 in

Davide Dozza covers the municipality of Trieste's Apache OpenOffice
migration Davide Dozza @ApacheCon on Nov. 18th

"Using Subversion With Local Branches (And More)" @ApacheCon Europe Nov.
18th in Budapest w/Branko Cibej

"But We're Already Open Source! Why Would I Want To Bring My Code To
@TheASF?" @gagravarr explains! #ApacheCon

"Intro To Apache Usergrid, The BaaS Build On Cassandra" by @snoopdave on 18 November @ApacheCon Europe

"Clocker: Migrating Complex Applications To Docker With Apache Brooklyn
(incubating)" by @grkvlt @ApacheCon

"The @ApacheOO Localization Community" by
@pescetti @ApacheCon Europe on Nov. 18 in Budapest!

Nov. 18th "Simple Software Is Hard: Tales from the Trenches" by @bdelacretaz #ApacheCon Europe in Budpest

Don't miss "High Performance @ApacheSolr" Nov.
18th w/@shalinmangar #ApacheCon Europe in Budapest

Get a "Tomcat 9 (Very Early) Preview" with Mark
Thomas @ApacheCon Europe on Nov. 18th #Java

Learn about Ndfs "A Native Client For The Hadoop Distributed Filesystem"
w/Colin McCabe #ApacheCon Europe on Nov. 18

"Realtime Targeted Mobile Marketing Platform w/Apache Kafka, Apache
Storm, & Apache Cassandra" by Ozgur Rahmi Donmez

"Building Your Own BaaS With Apache Usergrid & @Docker: Lessons Learned
At Scale" @geekbeast Nov. 18 @ApacheCon

"Apache TomEE, #Java EE Web Profile, And More On Tomcat" by @JLouisMonteiro @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

"Scaling SolrCloud To A Very Large Number Of Collections"
w/@shalinmangar @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest
Nov. 18th

"Continuous Automated Deployment With Apache Ace" w/Jan Willem Janssen, @m4rr5 @ApacheCon Europe
Nov. 18th

"@ApacheOO At @TheASF: 2014 And Beyond"
@pescetti @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

Scalable Stream Processing With Apache Samza And Apache Kafka @martinkl @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

Supporting Apache Brands While Making A Profit
by @shanecurcuru @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

"5 Years Of Libcloud" by @KamiSLO @ApacheCon
Europe Nov. 18th in Budapest @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

"Apache Camel In The Belly Of The @Docker Whale"
by @hekonsek @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

Anatomy Of An Apache OpenOffice Extension by
@pgiffuni @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

"Native Code And Off-Heap Data-Structures For Solr" by @lucene_solr @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

Choosing Tomcat Connectors: Internals And Performances by @jfclere @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

"Open Development In The Enterprise" by
@bdelacretaz @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

"The Flink Big Data Analytics Platform" by
Márton Balassi @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

"Policing Apache Project Brand Use By Third Parties" by @shanecurcuru @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th

"Doing The Write Thing: Document Editing Made Mobile" @uxproductivity, Louis Suárez-Potts @ApacheCon
Nov. 18th

Get an introduction to @Cassandra @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th by Duy Hai

Don't miss "A Common Substrate For Distributed Systems With Apache
Aurora & Mesos" @davelester @ApacheCon Nov. 18th

See "Apache Zookeeper In The Wild" w/@rakeshadr
@ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 18th

"Apache Bigtop: Saving The Day For Spark And Others" w/Konstantin Boudnik @ApacheCon Europe in
Budapest Nov. 18th

"Apache Commons Math And Collections" w/Thomas
Neidhart @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 18th

"Web Crawling With Apache Nutch" by Sebastian
Nagel @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 18th

Learn about Time Series Data With @Cassandra @ApacheCon Europe in
Budapest Nov. 18th w/@jericevans

"Security As A Service Leveraged By @TheASF Projects" by Oliver Wulff @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest
Nov. 18th

"Contributing To @CouchDB" by @janl @ApacheCon
Europe in Budapest Nov. 18th

"Enabling IoT w/ Apache Etch And COAP" @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest
Nov. 18th by @jo_zoppi

"Multi-language Content Discovery Through Entity Driven Search"
@ApacheCon Europe Nov. 18th w/Antonio Morales

Learn How to Turn Your Favorite Programming Language Into An @ApacheOO
Macro Language w/Rony Flatscher

Don't miss @bdelacretaz explaining "OSGi For Mere Mortals" @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 18th

OSv: Probably the Best OS for Cloud Workloads You've Never Heard Of by
@rhat r @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19

On Nov. 19th, see "Understanding @Docker And Containerizing Your
Applications" w/@jzb @ApacheCon Europe

"Lizard: Clustering An RDF Triplestore"
@AndySeaborne @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

Building Ranking Infrastructure: Data-Driven, Lean, Flexible @lc0d3r @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

"Deploying OSGi On An Army Of Cubietrucks" by
@lyaruu @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

"Wicket Puzzlers" by @dashorst @ApacheCon Europe
in Budapest Nov. 19th

Addressing File Format Compatibility in Word Processors @uxproductivity, Louis Suárez-Potts

"What Can Infrastructure Do For You Today?" asks @Humbedooh @ApacheCon
Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

Making Sense Of Binary Data At Scale W/ Tika & Friends @gagravarr @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 19

Learn about Improved OVA Support In CloudStack
@likithashetty @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

Manage Linked Media With Apache Marmotta Thomas
Kurz @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

"Your search doesn't work: how to find out whether the search box you
offer users is helping @MaineC

Collaborated Editing On ODF w/@svanteschubert
@ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

OSGi Remote Services In A Microservices World by
@bdekruijff @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

Wicket And #Java EE Sitting In A Tree by

Apache @ASFInfra VP @ke4qqq on "Where Is Apache Infrastructure Going?" @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

"DataType API by Example" with @xefyr @ApacheCon
Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

Get an Introduction To Apache jclouds @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov.
19th w/@IgnasiBarrera #Cloud

"LDAP Testing: Does It Have To Be A Nightmare?"
w/Emmanuel Lecharny @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

Catch @abayer's talk "@JenkinsCI At Apache: Our Status, Plans, & What
We've Learned" @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 19th 

Flexible Search In Apache Jackrabbit Oak by
@tteofili @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

"Enterprise Development With Apache Karaf" by
@anierbeck @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

See "Apache Wicket: 10 Years And Beyond" @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest
Nov. 19th w/@dashorst

Learn more about the Internet Of Things @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest
Nov. 19th w/@JustinMclean #IoT

Introduction To Apache Slider w/@steveloughran
@ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

Build More With Less... But How? w/@dkhaywood,
@jeroenvndrwl @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

"Old and New Trends in Data Modeling" by
@BenceArato @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th 

Don't miss "Cloud Storage With Apache jclouds"
Andrew Gaul @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

Open Annotation Support For Apache Stanbol
@westei @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

Felix HTTP - Paving The Road To The Future w/Jan
Willem Janssen, @m4rr5 @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

See "Go Type-Safe with DeltaSpike" at @ApacheCon Europe on Nov. 19 w/@rafabene

Find out the *Other* @TheASF Technologies Your Big Data Solution Needs from @gagravarr @ApacheCon Europe on Nov. 19

Find out "How SoundCloud uses Cassandra" from
@greenemilymay @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

"Taming The Cloud Database With Apache jclouds"
by @zackshoylev @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

At #ApacheCon Europe @RobVesse covers "Quadrupling Your Elephants - RDF
And The Hadoop Ecosystem" on Nov. 19th

Reflections on the Design of Business Applications w/Christian Schneider @ApacheCon Europe in
Budapest Nov. 19th

How Secure is Your Web Framework?
w/@lukaszlenart @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

"Tapestry 5.4: Teach An Old Horse New Tricks"
w/Thilo Tanner @ApacheCon Europe 19 November

Questions about @TheASF Infrastructure? @ke4qqq moderates "Ask Infra"
panel @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

"Apache Giraph: Analyzing Graph Relationships in #BigData in 45 Minutes
(Or Money Back)!" w/@rhatr @ApacheCon 

Don't miss "Data Migration and Development Cycles using Cassandra" by @mad_max0204 @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 19th!

Get the low-down on Apache Stratos Roadmap And Strategy from @lakwarus @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest
Nov. 19th

Catch "Towards a Commons RDF Library" with @wikier @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

Learn about "Best Practices for OSGi Applications in Apache Karaf" from Andrei Shakirin @ApacheCon Europe Nov. 19th

JBatch++ With Apache BatchEE @struberg
@ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th

Weaving Web Applications With Ease: Apache Tapestry w/Ulrich Staerk @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest
Nov. 19th

Set Up And Use Apache Openmeetings In 30 Minutes
w/Maxim Solodovnik @ApacheCon Europe in Budapest Nov. 19th


Joe Brockmeier
Twitter: @jzb

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