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From Branko Čibej <>
Subject Re: [ApacheCon] Titles and Abstracts
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2014 13:16:11 GMT
On 08.08.2014 14:59, Rich Bowen wrote:
> As you all know, the schedule for ApacheCon is now published, and
> registrations are starting to come in. I should have numbers on that
> real soon. Meanwhile, now that I'm finally caught up on most work
> things, after being out of the office for two weeks, I'm starting back
> on some of the ApacheCon related tasks.
> Here's how you can help.
> * Look at the schedule at
> looking for places where someone is speaking twice at once, or where
> there's an obvious conflict between two talks (ie, the same topic at
> the same time).
> * See if a speaker is giving two (or more) talks back to back.
> * See if the talk ordering in a particular track doesn't make any
> sense, or, at least, could be improved.
> * Read titles and abstracts. Can they be improved? Is a title unclear,
> not compelling, not descriptive, just plain boring? Are there typos,
> grammatical errors, or awkward sentences in the abstract? Are there
> placeholders that need to be filled? That kind of thing.
> * If you are a speaker, blog about your presentations, telling people
> why they should be there. Tweet about it. G+, Facebook, LinkedIn,
> MySpace, whatever you have to do. Get the word out. YOU are the most
> effective way to get people to the conference. Tell your projects' dev
> and user lists, forums, NNTP groups and local meetup lists. Help us
> wish we had a bigger venue.
> If you encounter any of this stuff, email me, or respond to this
> thread, so that we can get it fixed.

Can I make a typographical complaint, too? There are dashes (-) before
the speaker names, which should be either m-dashes (— &mdash;) or
n-dashes (– &ndash;).

Some project names are not written correctly, at a glance I found OFBiz:
It's sometimes written "Ofbiz", and sometimes "Apache-OFBiz", both of
which are wrong; the correct spelling is "Apache OFBiz" or just "OFBiz".

"From Squid To Happines In 42 Easy Step" is missing a plural form in the
last word.

Capitalization of the session titles is still not consistent.

That's all for a 10-second glance :)

-- Brane

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