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From Rob Vesse <>
Subject Re: Linked Data track (Was Re: ApacheCon EU: What I need help with)
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2014 08:30:07 GMT
Comments inline:

On 15/07/2014 07:32, "Sergio Fernández" <> wrote:

>Hi Rich,
>On 14/07/14 17:19, Rich Bowen wrote:
>> Hey, Linked Data folks, I need some last minute help.
>> - see Linked Data tab
>> There are 9 talks marked Accept, 4 talks marked Average.
>Personally I'm fine with the result of the evaluation, accepting those
>9. Maybe putting in the proposal "Enterprise Integration Patterns in
>Apache Stanbol", because I personally know there is much more stuff than
>what the proposal describes. Besides we already talked with one of the
>guys with two talks (one accepted, one rejected) to maybe merge both
>proposals into one talk.
>So that would mean 10 talks, booking 2 slots for the panel discussions,
>if you still think is a good idea (read bellow).
>What the decisions has to be taken? Because I think Andy is on vacations
>for some days.
>> I can run 12 talks, or I can run 6 talks, but I need your help selecting
>> which ones. I had some questions out to Sergio on Friday, but haven't
>> heard back, and any help here would be greatly appreciated.
>Sorry, I missed that email.
>Well, without knowing the general layout, we sketched a full day track
> with 9 slots (mixing short and long ones), plus
>a final discussion panel.

This looks reasonable assuming some talks are happy to work within the
shortened slots.

The only problem I have is whether this prevents people with a passing
interest from attending talks easily because they will potentially not
line up nicely with the rest of the schedule and thus may reduce the
potential attendees for some talks.  And therefore you miss out on the key
benefit of ApacheCon of attracting attendees with a wider range of
backgrounds and gaining new participants from outside the wider community.

If we want to align the schedule with the rest of the conference then we
need to consider cutting three talks

Therefore I would suggest the following possible alterations (numbers
refer to rows in the spreadsheet as of now):

- Combine Talks 6 & 8 (both which are covering different aspects of the
same project)
- Combine Talks 2 & 3 (since talk 3 describes a project that currently is
only used in the project described in talk 2)

This would give the following talks:

- Lizard - Clustering a RDF Store + Engineering RDF data formats for
system tasks
- Quadrupling your Elephants - RDF and the Hadoop Ecosystem
- Open Annotation support for Apache Stanbol
- Managed Linked Media with Apache Marmotta + Apache Marmotta, an Open
Platform for Linked Data
- Multi Language Content Discovery Through Entity Driven Search
- Towards a Commons RDF library (Panel Discussion)

That gives you just 6 sessions allowing for scheduling a standard 6
session track over a single day

Sergio - Would you and Thomas be willing to combine your talks (or does
Thomas's talk subsume yours anyway?)

Andy - Would you be willing to combine your talks?

>How would be the final slots design?
>> Also, there was a mention of a Linked Data social even, to which I
>> I was also wondering about your listed Social Event. Do you have a
>> sponsor that would cover drinks/food at such an event? Were you thinking
>> an informal "meet at a pub" kind of event, or a sponsored party? Is this
>> something that would be open to all attendees, or would it be a more
>> private thing? What did you have in mind?
>It is also particularly interesting for us to gather together with other
>data-intensive projects to discuss the intersection of their approaches
>with Linked Data / Semantic Web technologies. There are some projects
>(good represented by talks) quite related with other Apache projects
>(Hadoop, Solr, Camel, ManifoldCF, etc).

+1 It would be good if we could attract related projects particularly
communities like Hadoop where we are already looking to provide APIs that
bridge the gap between the two worlds

>Actually we didn't think so much about it... We do not have sponsor, and
>wewere thinking about something much informal and open to everybody. So,
>if it is not feasible to allocate it, I think we can manage to gather
>together the community with the panel discussion, and try to meet for a
>beer somewhere. Although I'd prefer to await for Andy to decide
>something about that.

Any idea what the approximate cost of such a sponsored event would be?

I may be able to at least enquire about possible sponsorship from my
company and having a figure makes life much easier in this regard though I
can't promise that I'll be able to produce anything.


>Thanks so much for all your support on this, Rich.
>Sergio Fernández
>Partner Technology Manager
>Redlink GmbH
>m: +43 660 2747 925

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