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From Rob Vesse <>
Subject Re: Proposing for Apache Member?
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2014 09:41:12 GMT

Not unless one/more of those contributors is themselves a Member/Officer
of the ASF - see Sectopn 4.1 of the Bylaws
( which states the following:

To be eligible for membership, a person or entity must be nominated by a
current member of the corporation and must complete a written membership
application in such form as shall be adopted by the Board of Directors
from time to time

Therefore contributors of a project can't directly, I guess they could
talk to ASF members they know and suggest that person with the aim of
getting a nomination but not being a member myself I'm not sure if that
would be acceptable behaviour.  Ultimately ASF is a meritocracy and my
personal impression based on people who I know of who've become members in
the past couple of years is that to become a member you need to be active
across the foundation (not just within a small part of it) for a prolonged

One thing worth asking is why the community you are involved in feels the
need to have someone be elected as a Member?


On 08/07/2014 09:43, "Pierre Smits" <> wrote:

>Hi All,
>Is it possible that contributors of a project can propose a community
>member to be elected as an Apache Member?
>Pierre Smits
>Services & Solutions for Cloud-
>Based Manufacturing, Professional
>Services and Retail & Trade

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