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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Apache@ OSCON question
Date Sat, 21 Jun 2014 08:48:33 GMT
Melissa Warnkin wrote:
> I can make room on the table for pins.  When you refer to leaflet and
> roll-up designs, what is that and how much real estate would they
> take up?

I'll explain better: physical objects are not available, meaning that 
either they haven't been printed yet or they are in Europe and it's 
unpractical to deliver them to OSCON in the US.

This is why I focus on the "designs", since stuff would have to be 
reprinted anyway. We have designs available for:
- A4 leaflets, in color (suitable b/w too)
- A roll-up like this one, roughly 80x200cm:
So for these two items the main issue is whether someone is attending 
FOSDEM and can print them.

Pins with the OpenOffice logo used to be a quite successful giveaway 
that we could look into redesigning (we don't have the original files, 
but they had the old logo) and reprinting. Again, I don't know whether 
it makes sense to print stuff in Europe and ship it to the US... But Kay 
feel free to bring this to the OpenOffice dev list and we can find some 
ideas there, provided that someone is actually going to attend OSCON or 
the Expo Hall!


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