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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Open Source Organizational Culture
Date Fri, 02 May 2014 20:21:13 GMT
On 22/04/2014 Storm-Olsen, Marius wrote:
> As part of the research into a thesis on Open Source Organizational
> Culture, I want to send out a short survey to the Apache organization.
> However, given that the Apache community is so large, with numerous
> individual projects under its umbrella, I wanted to check with the
> community list first; both to seek explicit permission for doing so, and
> to figure out what would be the best way to send out such a survey
> without "spamming" the community.  ...

Hello Marius, it seems we didn't manage to answer you so far, and your 
deadline is today... So I'll jump in.

Well, as chair of the Apache OpenOffice project, one of the most 
researched open source projects in history, I answer surveys aimed at 
analyzing correlations between free/open source software and anything 
(from politics to sports, from society to religion) almost every 
weekend, and I decided to stop.

Still, I gave a chance to your survey, and I found it unusually 
interesting. It is a survey that I would really like to be taken by all 
the OpenOffice volunteers, and by volunteers from all Apache projects in 
general. It focuses on four simple indicators (something like: 
community, innovation, competition, stability) and it asks everyone to 
evaluate the status of the project now and the ideal status of the 
project in 5 years according to these indicators, seen from multiple 
points of view (individual contributor, management...).

I believe that, for once, we have a survey that can be useful to the 
projects and not only to the student. We can even check with numbers 
whether our "Community over code" mantra is really perceived as such by 
contributors and whether it is considered an indicator for future success.

Please extend your deadline by two weeks, send the survey link to and I'll endorse your request. I encourage 
others to take your survey too (link above) and to consider advertising 
the survey on the dev lists of other projects if they find it equally 


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