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From jan i <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon Europe status and ToDo
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2014 17:05:23 GMT
On 23 April 2014 18:40, Rich Bowen <> wrote:

> Now that I'm caught up from ApacheCon US, I wanted to give folks a little
> information about the plans for ApacheCon Budapest, and the ways in which
> you can help make it our best conference yet. Those of you who read the
> board@ list regularly will find that much of this is repeated from a note
> I sent there, but there's some new stuff.
> I know this is really long. tldr; we have awesome stuff planned for
> Budapest, and the longer lead time means it'll be even awesomer.
> The CFP is open - or more specifically
> We
> currently have 10 talks proposed. While I expect that people will leave it
> to the last minute and expect an extension, the earlier you get your talk
> in, the higher chance that folks will actually review it in a useful manner.
> The CFP will close June 25, so we'll want to start pushing it harder at
> the beginning of June, although it would be nice to have project-specific
> tracks penciled in a long time before that, and we're getting a lot of
> cooperation on that from various projects that want to see dedicated
> tracks. (So, for internal promotion, I'll be trying to get specific
> projects to provide a day or half-day of content.)
> If you would like to be involved in reviewing the content for the
> conference, please let me know. If you already have an account in the
> system, you should be able to log in and start at any time, but if you
> weren't involved in content selection for ACNA, you'll need to get
> authorized in the system.
I you havenĀ“t done so already, please sign me up for review and help.

> We will announce the schedule on July 28, but registration is open
> already, and the prices are best right now. Eu799 through August 1, Eu1099
> through November, and Eu1399 thereafter. Committers are always Eu275.

Can we put this part of the info on our dev@ now, and start reaching out ?

> I currently have two keynotes tentatively accepted, both of which I'm
> pretty stoked about. Please note that while I'm not being secretive about
> this on this list, it would be nice if you didn't publicize these until we
> have titles and abstracts. Thanks.
> David Nalley will be giving a keynote on the subject of the actual value
> of the foundation. We talk all the time about it being a million dollar
> organization, but that is just what we have in the back. Pretty much any
> established project you pick contributes way more value than that to the
> global economy, and we are largely unaware of this economic value. David
> will enlighten us. I should have an abstract in the coming weeks.
Just an idea, do we know a global economer (e.g. world bank) that could
give a second light on this.

> Douglas Carswell, who in addition to being my best friend in third grade
> is also a member of parliament in the UK, has written a book about the role
> of social media in engaging people into the conversation about politics.
> ebook/dp/B009L20H92/ He'll be giving a talk about those ideas - we're
> still a little vague on details, but I should have an abstract in the
> coming weeks.
> I am also in contact with an author of a fairly well known sci fi book ...
> I'll keep the details to myself until I have at least a tentative
> acceptance on that, but I'm pretty excited about it.
That sounds awesome.

> The conference format is 3+2 - three days keynotes and conference
> sessions, then two days other stuff. Other stuff includes tutorials (if we
> can get them to fly this time), the CloudStack conference, a one or two day
> Open Office user event (depending on the content we can get for this), and
> various project summits including, at this point, Traffic Server. If your
> project wants to put together either a content track or a dedicated full
> day event, summit, whatever, please let me know, and get your talks into
> the system so we can plan content.
> A hackathon will run the whole event, and will be right in the middle of
> everything so that it can't be missed. It was so well hidden in Denver that
> many people were unaware it was there at all. So we're putting it out in a
> central area, trading quiet for visibility.
> That's pretty much what I've got at this point. The main call to action
> right now is to get talk proposals in and register for the event.
> As for internal publicity, I've still been pretty much catching up with
> all of the loose ends from Denver, and will start preaching the message to
> our PMCs starting ... soonish. I've got two major conferences coming up
> next month, and will be a little less frenzied after that. If you are
> connected with a PMC that is likely to be able to provide a track, it would
> be great if you could go ahead and make that connection.
> Oh, and also, real soon (hopefully today or tomorrow) we'll have videos of
> the keynotes and a small selection of sessions up on the YouTube channel -
> - and we'll be promoting
> that content on Twitter from @apachecon. We had some brilliant keynotes.
> --
> Rich Bowen - - @rbowen
> - @apachecon
> Thanks for you work with denver, looking forward to an even better

jan I.

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