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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Introduction: students want to learn about Apache
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2014 17:15:45 GMT
Me me me... In fact, I've been lurking on the openhatch
irc channel for a few months now.

On Apr 9, 2014, at 10:03 AM, Nóirín Plunkett <> wrote:

> Community Project,
> Let me introduce Shauna, from
> She sets up events for college students who are interested in open source.
> Her next batch of kids, at George Mason University (April 19th -
>, is interested in Apache--would anyone be
> available to go and talk with them? Alternatively, would anyone be
> available to participate remotely/via video call? (I've known Openhatch for
> several years now, and can strongly vouch for their awesome bona fides.)
> Openhatch also have events coming up in Boston (April 26th and 27th),
> Chicago (April 26th), Salinas (May 3rd) and elsewhere, where Apache people
> would be very welcome to get involved.
> There are a few main ways to be involved as a mentor.  For people who are
> local to an event, they are very welcome to come and mentor throughout the
> day.  This usually means answering questions, sometimes presenting
> activities, and helping students contribute to projects.  The last part of
> the day involves a period of 1-3 hours where students begin to make
> contributions to open source projects.  If people feel there are specific
> projects they know well--particularly projects you're a committer for--you
> can help students contribute to those projects specifically.
> To be a "project lead" one does not have to be there in person--you can do
> this remotely by being paired with a local mentor.  It's also important to
> note that mentors don't have to be programmers, and contributions are not
> just code contributions.  Any kind of open source contribution is welcome,
> as are any kind of contributor.  :)
> Lastly, it's also possible to be part of their "remote career panels".
> When Openhatch don't have enough people to do an in-person career panel,
> they get open source professionals from around the country to join in on a
> video call where students ask questions like, "How do people make money off
> of open source?"  "Was it hard to find a job working on free/open source
> software?" and others.
> Questions are probably best directed to Shauna herself--I'm just the
> conduit :-)
> Thanks!
> Noirin

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