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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon Europe status and ToDo
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2014 08:02:44 GMT
On 23/04/2014 Rich Bowen wrote:
> If you would like to be involved in reviewing the content for the
> conference, please let me know.

I missed Denver but I'll be happy to help with Budapest. Account "pescetti".

> The conference format is 3+2 - three days keynotes and conference
> sessions, then two days other stuff. Other stuff includes tutorials (if
> we can get them to fly this time), the CloudStack conference, a one or
> two day Open Office user event (depending on the content we can get for
> this)

The OpenOffice (one word please) event sounds like a wonderful 
opportunity. It would need to be substantially different from the "main" 
ApacheCon in terms of audience, fee and spirit. How can we make it 
excellent? Is this a task of the Linux Foundation, of the PMCs, of some 
individuals? I see a problem in waiting for content before having some 
basic event details settled. Of course, feel free to bring this to the 
PMC if you need feedback, a small discussion has already started.


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