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From Mike Kienenberger <>
Subject Request to vouch for the Terasology organization's participation as a mentor in GSOC 2015
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2014 20:44:20 GMT
I'm involved with another organization, Terasology --, that submitted a GSOC proposal for the second
year in a row.   According to the six Terasology representatives at
the GSOC 2014 post-mortem IRC meeting with rejected organizations,
Terasology was denied this year mainly due to the lack of an approved
organization vouching for them.  I'm hoping the ASF will vouch for
them next year.

I've been participating in Terasology's community since December of
2013, and my opinion is that they are qualified
to participate in GSOC due to their professionalism, community
building, mentoring, length of time the project has existed, and the
interesting nature of the tasks they proposed.   In my opinion, they
demonstrate many of the traits we prize at the ASF.    They also
managed to convince me to switch over from SVN to git and, more
importantly, mentored me through the two-week process of changing my

Terasology is looking at other possible organizations to vouch for
them -- they had compiled a list of around ten at last count -- but in
my opinion, no one is going to vouch for them without being part of
the Terasology community long enough to say that they would make good
GSOC mentors.   In my opinion, the ASF, through me, is probably their
best chance at this point in time.

Since I'm an ASF member, a PMC member on two projects, a long-time
contributor, and have been involved as a mentor for one successful
top-level ASF project/community graduating from the incubator , I'm
hoping that my recommendation that they would be a good GSOC mentoring
organization is sufficient.

2014 has passed, so it will be a 2015 recommendation that I'm looking
for.   I'm guessing this is too early to request at this point, but I
want to make sure I've done everything necessary by February of 2015,
so much as it depends upon me or the Terasology project.


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